Monday, February 4, 2013


I can't believe we are already at 20 weeks! Time is just flying by, which also means we only have 20 or so weeks left. This used to feel like a long time to me but now all I can think about is how getting to meet our little one is just around the corner!! If you follow me on instagram (username: meghanp) then you have already seen my little weekly bump updates, but I figured I would post them here, too. I love watching the bump grow. I also think it's funny, looking back, that I thought that 14 week bump was SOOO huge! I'm interested to see how I'll feel about the 20 week bump in the end...ha! I plan on making a little bump book as a keepsake with all the photos...

Today we had a very important appointment! We got to see our little blueberry again (we haven't had an ultrasound since 7 weeks in the very beginning). We have some BIG news (boy or girl) that I will share soon, but I just want to make sure I have to the chance to let all our friends & family know first!

With that said, getting to see our little bean today is definitely going on my list of happiest moments in my life (I can't even fathom how it will feel to hold baby in my arms!!). I have looked at tons of other people's ultrasound photos of their sweet babies & honestly, they always just looked like little aliens to me...but seeing my blueberry's profile photo was so different. It may just look like a blob to others, but that little face is mine, it looks so familiar, like I've always known it. I am just ecstatic!! I can't quit smiling. I will post more about it soon!!!!

Happy Monday!!! xoxo. Meghan

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  1. Looking beautiful lady :) it is SO exciting seeing your little one on the screen, but holding them in your arms will blow your mind. The love that consumes you is unimaginable until it's happening to you! Can't wait to hear the big news xx

  2. You are such a cute pregnant look amazing!

  3. Can't wait to find out boy or girl! I can't wait for me either! haha


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