Friday, January 11, 2013

DIY Maternity Jeans

My growing belly has been a source of contention when it comes to finding comfortable pants...I have been using the rubber band method but I was constantly tugging to pull my jeans up & always tugging my shirts down, to make sure that the un-zipped zipper was hidden. I tried the belly bands but was never a huge fan, it just added one more thing for me to tug on. SO, as to not delay the inevitable anymore I decided to just sew myself a quick pair of maternity jeans to see if they were any more comfortable (they are!! hooray!).

There are tons of similar diy's on the web but I thought I would share how I did mine as well. They were super simple & didn't take me long at all. Here's how I did it:

I just used one of the belly bands I had gotten from Target (because I knew I wouldn't use it by itself again) & a pair of stretchy jeans, also from Target, that I didn't mind cutting up. 

I removed the zipper & sewed down the fly. Then, I cut around the waistband - a little deeper in the front to leave room for the belly & then put right sides together of the band & jeans, pinned a few spots to hold it in place & then sewed them together. This part was a little tricky because of the stretch in the band, I just pulled both sides taut as the machine feed through.

Flip the band up & voila! I think they turned out great!! They are super comfortable. The band can be pulled all the way up (will be perfect when my bump gets even bigger) or it can be folded over for a half band. Definitely worth the effort & SOOOO much more affordable than any of the maternity jeans I have seen in the stores!

You can't even tell the difference when your shirt is pulled down! I plan on finding a cheap darker wash & using an old stretchy tank top to make another pair. They kind of feel like wearing pajamas & I just can't argue with that!!

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  1. I can't find any maternity jeans that fit! I'm so glad
    I can turn my jeans into maternity pants. Thanks so much!!

  2. GREAT job! Wish I had been more sew-y during my pregnancies.

  3. Just made these! I used a zig zag stitch to make sure I kept the stretch in the pants. I used a knock off belly band for mine--and can wear up or fold down. Did you ever try it with a tank top? I don't have a serger, so wasn't sure how I'd hem the other side.

  4. Thank you so much for this tutorial!!


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