Thursday, December 20, 2012

guess what?!?!!

I still can hardly believe it, but it's true!! We are over the moon excited!!! There are just not enough words...

I will be 14 weeks on Saturday & we got to hear sweet baby's heartbeat again today. We could hear loud whooshing sounds occasionally, too & our midwife said that baby was apparently moving all around & doing flips in there. (I can't wait to be able to feel all those flips!)

These past few weeks I've been feeling better & better, no more morning sickness or all day fatigue. I can actually stay up past 9pm now. (I was going to bed around 8:30pm every night!) I am starting to get a tiny bump & I already have to use the rubber band trick because my pants no longer button. It all still feels like a dream but we are so in love with baby already & can't wait to go through this adventure together!! 

I can't brag enough about how amazing Creed has been. I couldn't ask for a better partner in life & feel so lucky that this amazing man will be my baby's father! I honestly am surprised we have been able to keep it a secret this long!! I know it is making our holiday season HAPPY indeed!!!
hugs & cheek pecks, Meghan

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  1. Oh my goodness! Yay yay yay! Congratulations! You are just glowing!

    Pregnancy is the best thing ever. And the moment you feel those kicks and flips and hiccups oh my gosh the hiccups! You will just be over the moon excited and in love! More than now. Which is hard to imagine, I know!

    Glad you're not sick anymore! I never had to deal with that but you should be out of the woods now that you're in tri 2! Also, my bed time is STILL 8. Don't listen to that lie about the second trimester burst of energy! Hahaha at least for me it was a giant lie!

    I'm so excited for you! Congratulations x a billion!

  2. Congratulations!!! That is SO exciting!!! You look gorgeous... As always! What you lovely little family you have!

  3. Yay!!! So super exciting! Congratulations...looking forward to following along on your blog! :)

  4. Love. You are glowing! Each picture became my favorite as I scrolled down. Creed looks so cute in his sweet hat and scarf. I love the one of him kissing your head! I just love you guys so much and am so excited!!!!!!!!

  5. congratulations!! that's exciting news!

  6. Congratulations! Now you get to knit booties for your own baby!

    My sister just told me a few days ago that she's having a baby. Fourteen weeks as well!

  7. Oh my word! I'm so happy for you! Babies are the best.

  8. congratulations!!! very exciting news!!!!

  9. Hooray!!! That is crazy, exciting news! Congratulations to your family! That heartbeat sound is the best. Can't wait to "meet" this new bundle of joy!


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