Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I made a skirt!

This past Friday I had the pleasure of having a craft day with the very sweet & talented, RobbieLee from Chickiedee! It was her birthday weekend & I was honored to get to be a part of her celebrating! It was an amazing day filled with coffee, a delicious lunch & lots of crafting!! It definitely was a refreshing break from my work schedule & I made my very first item of clothing for myself - a skirt! 

We really did have so much fun!! I wish that it could be an every Friday kinda thing. It left me inspired & definitely wanting to make some more pieces of clothing!! We were so proud with our finished products! I already bought some printed fabric to make another skirt soon.

Skirt details: we used this One Hour Skirt tutorial that was posted on Etsy a while back. It was the perfect starter skirt diy, although it did take us longer than an hour, but only because we were too busy talking. ha!

We've already been scheming for our next craft day - next up - halloween costumes!! Can't wait! Thank you for a fantastic day, RobbieLee!!!

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  1. You're the best! Oh my goodness that was such a wonderful day!!! You're skirt looks beautiful and I can't wait until our Halloween Costume craft day! Thank you for spending the whole day with me, it was a real treat! I plan on making another skirt this week or next! See you soon! xo

  2. Hey Meghan!! Love the skirt! It's so good to see some posts as I have wonder what fun you have been up to. I hope you are enjoying a bit of cooler weather as well. Love ya!!

  3. I just love your skirt and the way you styled it! I need to try that tutorial!


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