Friday, October 5, 2012

fall in boulder

Fall in Boulder has been absolutely spectacular. We actually got our very first dusting of snow this morning & promise of a little more tomorrow. You heard me right....SNOW - already & it's only October 5th! This seems to make some people grumpy, it just makes me super excited! There is nothing better than waking up to a blanket of snow over everything. Feel free to ask me in February, after a long winter, if I still feel this way, but for now my stance stands. Snow days are magical. period. I still don't want to rush it though. I am thoroughly enjoying this brisk mountain air, the amazing colors of orange, reds & yellows, the sound of leaves rustling against the ground & that sweet smell of fallen foliage on the breeze.

Today has been a dreamy Friday! Creed had the day off work so we went & had lunch out & then came home to snuggle under blankets, watch movies & knit. I am about to make some pumpkin soup from scratch for dinner & some fancy grilled cheeses to go with it! There will probably be some hot chocolates & mini apple pie eating as well! Happy weekend!!! xo, meghan

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  1. Love this post! Especially love all your awesome pictures. Fall really is the best. :-)

  2. Awesome...I couldn't agree with you more waking up to a blanket of snow is amazing. Wow! I would love to see Boulder Colorado and Colorado in general your pictures our lovely...such beautiful hues on the trees, here in West Virginia the trees are changing but we still get some warm days as well. Enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Pretty fall pictures! This season is so magical!


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