Wednesday, October 10, 2012


currently, I am: 

loving: the amazing cooler weather we are having & the fall season in general (ahem...booots!!!) 

reading: I just started Inescapable, book one of the Premonition series. I'm not far enough into it yet to know whether it's going to be good or not, so we shall see. So far it is a light, easy read. 

watching: any & all Halloween inspired movie! We have a list that we like to watch every year, perhaps I will do a post with all of our favs soon! 

anticipating: Halloween & Thanksgiving & Christmas (that's right I said Christmas!!!). Tis the most wonderful time of the year...I love everything about October, November & December! 

listening to: hmmm...a quick mix of pandora stations & they are probably pretty boring. But my favorite stations are currently: band of horses, beach house, halloween party (duh!), otis redding, the smiths & motown. 

planning: my halloween costume! I am making mine this year (hopefully this Sunday!). I will share if everything goes as planned! It involves a paper mache mask, I am super excited about making it! 

working on: tonight I am taking a small break & finally making another one of these skirts with some new fabric I ordered! 

wishing: for our first snow day! & for some other stuff (but wishes are supposed to be secret or they won't come I'm keeping them to myself.) 

I originally saw the "currently" meme on Danielle's blog, Sometimes Sweet. It was fun to play along, I'd love to see what you're up to currently, feel free to link up in the comments section!

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  1. Yes!! Post your list of Halloween movies! I need some fun ideas :)
    I'm loving the cool fall weather and am hoping the snow holds off for awhile longer! Mostly because I'm still terrified to drive in snow... especially now that I'm pregnant! I don't want to wreck!
    LOVE this post!

  2. Fall is the best season! I love those boots!


  3. Oh fun! I love this! I am definitely doing it tomorrow! I will send you the link!

    Make sure you get a chance to go see my new blog design today :) I am pretty excited about it. (sorry for being that blogger, I just wanted to brag lol)


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