Wednesday, October 24, 2012

handmade halloween

This year I decided to make my costume. Most of the time, I wait until the last minute & my costume consists of just throwing things together. This year I wanted to really get in there & sew/make it. So in my free time this week, I've been busy working on my costume! You can probably guess what I am going to be from the progress photos but I can't wait to share the finished product!!! 

It's really been such a fun process! I'm currently waiting for my paper mache mask to dry so I can paint it & then I will be all done! I'll be sure to take lots of photos to share!

I'd love to hear what everyone else's costume is going to be, so please share!  We are going to a costume party on Saturday night, I'm so excited! hugs & cheek pecks, Meghan

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


currently, I am: 

loving: the amazing cooler weather we are having & the fall season in general (ahem...booots!!!) 

reading: I just started Inescapable, book one of the Premonition series. I'm not far enough into it yet to know whether it's going to be good or not, so we shall see. So far it is a light, easy read. 

watching: any & all Halloween inspired movie! We have a list that we like to watch every year, perhaps I will do a post with all of our favs soon! 

anticipating: Halloween & Thanksgiving & Christmas (that's right I said Christmas!!!). Tis the most wonderful time of the year...I love everything about October, November & December! 

listening to: hmmm...a quick mix of pandora stations & they are probably pretty boring. But my favorite stations are currently: band of horses, beach house, halloween party (duh!), otis redding, the smiths & motown. 

planning: my halloween costume! I am making mine this year (hopefully this Sunday!). I will share if everything goes as planned! It involves a paper mache mask, I am super excited about making it! 

working on: tonight I am taking a small break & finally making another one of these skirts with some new fabric I ordered! 

wishing: for our first snow day! & for some other stuff (but wishes are supposed to be secret or they won't come I'm keeping them to myself.) 

I originally saw the "currently" meme on Danielle's blog, Sometimes Sweet. It was fun to play along, I'd love to see what you're up to currently, feel free to link up in the comments section!

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Friday, October 5, 2012

fall in boulder

Fall in Boulder has been absolutely spectacular. We actually got our very first dusting of snow this morning & promise of a little more tomorrow. You heard me right....SNOW - already & it's only October 5th! This seems to make some people grumpy, it just makes me super excited! There is nothing better than waking up to a blanket of snow over everything. Feel free to ask me in February, after a long winter, if I still feel this way, but for now my stance stands. Snow days are magical. period. I still don't want to rush it though. I am thoroughly enjoying this brisk mountain air, the amazing colors of orange, reds & yellows, the sound of leaves rustling against the ground & that sweet smell of fallen foliage on the breeze.

Today has been a dreamy Friday! Creed had the day off work so we went & had lunch out & then came home to snuggle under blankets, watch movies & knit. I am about to make some pumpkin soup from scratch for dinner & some fancy grilled cheeses to go with it! There will probably be some hot chocolates & mini apple pie eating as well! Happy weekend!!! xo, meghan

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

adventures in baking :: mini apple pies

Would you believe me if I told you that I had never made an apple pie before?! Or any pie for that matter...I know, crazy! So I decided it was definitely time! & because everything is better miniature, (so I don't even have to shrink them down to put them in my pocket) I made my very first mini apple pies! 

I used this recipe from little bit funky (originally seen on pinterest - where else?) but decided to do a lattice design on top. They were super easy to make but the lattice work on top is a tad time consuming (but oh so worth it if you ask me). My house currently smells like heaven & the pies are the perfect mini size & adorable - not to mention delicious!!

This is a recipe that is going on my permanent list. They would make the perfect addition to a halloween party or Thanksgiving feast! & now I can finally say I have made a pie (or 24...)! ;)
hugs & cheek pecks, Meghan

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Razzy!

I couldn't let the day go by without publicly saying Happy Birthday to our sweet Razzle Dazzle Rose! She turned TWO today & I can't believe time has flown by that quickly. She is a sweet & sassy little lady that keeps us laughing. She has definitely taught Creed & me a few lessons in patience, a skill that no doubt will be greatly appreciated when we add some human babies to the family. 

Here she is on her first birthday & at 6 weeks old, when she was just a ball of fluff! Happy Birthday to my sweet little snuggler! 

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I made a skirt!

This past Friday I had the pleasure of having a craft day with the very sweet & talented, RobbieLee from Chickiedee! It was her birthday weekend & I was honored to get to be a part of her celebrating! It was an amazing day filled with coffee, a delicious lunch & lots of crafting!! It definitely was a refreshing break from my work schedule & I made my very first item of clothing for myself - a skirt! 

We really did have so much fun!! I wish that it could be an every Friday kinda thing. It left me inspired & definitely wanting to make some more pieces of clothing!! We were so proud with our finished products! I already bought some printed fabric to make another skirt soon.

Skirt details: we used this One Hour Skirt tutorial that was posted on Etsy a while back. It was the perfect starter skirt diy, although it did take us longer than an hour, but only because we were too busy talking. ha!

We've already been scheming for our next craft day - next up - halloween costumes!! Can't wait! Thank you for a fantastic day, RobbieLee!!!

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Monday, October 1, 2012

fall luck

Hooray for October!! Don't forget to say Rabbit Rabbit White Rabbit today for good luck! We have been soaking in as much Fall fun as we can these past few weeks. Scarves, boots, cardigans & soups, galore! The leaves are really starting to change color, the days & nights are getting brisk & that sweet smell of fall foliage is in the air! October is by far my favorite month of the year. I plan to celebrate & savor each day! 

I will be back this week with some fun posts - I made my very first item of clothing & can't wait to share! I also want to share some of my favorite Fall recipes. I will be trying my hand at some mini-apple pies this week, fingers crossed they turn out! Happy Fall, ya'll! hugs & cheek pecks, Meghan

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