Saturday, September 1, 2012


Happy September 1st!!! Fall is brewing...I can feel it & I am looking forward to so many things this season!
- I will be picking my parents up from the airport tomorrow for a week long visit!! I can hardly contain my excitement! It feels like Christmas Eve! It's been almost a year since I have seen my mom, the longest I have gone without seeing her in person in my 29 years.
- I can't wait to see what Fall is all about here in Colorado, I'm hoping for cool weather & beautiful, changing leaves!
- Scarves!!! My accessory of choice. Can't wait to start wearing them again!
- & this should go without saying, but....BOOTS! Seriously, I can't wait to wear my many boots with every outfit!
- I have some really fun new products that I will be adding to the shop, too. There may or may not be some things that adults will be able to wear! ;)
Don't forget to say Rabbit Rabbit White Rabbit today for good luck! Hope everyone has a great 3-day weekend! xo. Meghan

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