Friday, August 10, 2012


Today I have been busy finishing orders & working on some fun new things to add to my shop! The thought of Fall right around the corner has me inspired & I can't wait to share some of the new products! 

Running your own small business is exhausting. It's a 7 day a week, most hours of your day (minus sleeping & eating, if your lucky) job. I am in charge of it all - the creating, knitting, shipping, customer service, photographing & listing of items, etc (the list is long).

When people ask me what I do & I tell them, I usually get a positive response but I sometimes get the "ohhhh, so you stay at home all day & craft" look, the clueless ones usually follow up with a "must be nice." I sometimes feel the need to defend myself but usually I let it roll off my back, because Yes! It is nice, in fact it's incredible. I do get to stay home all day & "craft" & it's awesome! Not to mention rewarding. I learned early on in my life, that my fire - my desire in life was to create & make things with my hands. It exists in every aspect of my being & it has always overpowered any other career path I've tried. I'm happiest & most complete when I am making things & I made the decision a few years back to follow that desire. & while I have gone back & forth with other part-time jobs (I still work one day a week outside of the home), Pleasantly Plump [Knits.] has been my full time passion & job since making the leap. I am so very proud of this fact. While the perks are huge - making my own schedule, working for myself & creating all day, following this type of dream comes with consequences. The main one being, I don't make nearly as much income as I would in a corporate job.  I have slow months & good months & the amount of work I put into my shop directly affects the outcome. I'm lucky enough to have a husband that supports my dream, unconditionally, but we do make sacrifices. In the end, it's sacrifices we are both willing to make for our happiness. We only have this one life & I intend to spend it doing what I love!

I am so grateful that my Friday work days can be filled with knitting & photographing new products. I am so grateful that instead of getting the feeling of dread for the upcoming work week on Sunday nights, I feel excited about the chance of a new week ahead. I am also (most importantly) grateful for the people that decide to buy handmade &/or from a small business. I hope you know how much this means to the handmade/small business community, how it helps to determine whether or not people like me can follow our dreams. Thank you. 

I have a busy weekend planned! I have some new prototypes to knit up so I can share! I'll also squeeze in some relaxation time, too. For starters, we are about to go on a little bike ride. The weather is already starting to change & the evenings are getting cooler! Can't wait until the leaves start changing! 
xo. Meghan

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  1. I just came back to your little blog because I remembered that you make baby shoes (because I just found out I'm going to be an aunt!), and it was lovely seeing this post!
    I hope to someday get to the point where I can make a living with my Etsy shoppe. I've had people look at me with that 'Ohhh, so all you do is crochet?" look, and I don't even support myself with my shoppe! It can be frustrating because they don't realize just HOW much work goes into creating and selling these things to people.

    Kudos to you for being able to live your dream and sell handmade! I think it's wonderful, and I'm heading over to your shoppe now! <3
    xo, Allie

    1. Thank you, Allie! I love knowing that I am not alone out there & that there are people that understand! Your blog & shop are amazing! I would love to do a trade if your up for it?!

  2. Get 'em tiger! Love ya!!

  3. Hi, I am 10 years old and just learning to knit. My mom gave me permission to ask you a question. I really like the colors of your yarn for your booties and was wondering what type of yarn and what brand do you use? I want to make some special presents for my friends and family. I like your shop and blog. It's really inspiring for me and it encourages me to learn a lot too. Thank you for your time.


  4. you go girl! This takes guts for sure. I've recently seen your baby mocs and am in love with them. My newborn is due in december and I've been oh so worried about his cold toesies! I want to get them large enough for him to wear through the spring months- would you recommend the 0-3 mo size or 3-6?

    Thanks so much!


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