Monday, July 30, 2012

embracing life

Today I was taking the pugs on their afternoon walk, the sky was covered in gray, growling, thunderous clouds, there was a slight wind & it was so calm & beautiful.  The air held that sweet smell of impending rain. I thought the rain would hold out long enough for us to get home, but alas mother nature had other plans & we were caught about a block & a half away from home in the middle of a torrential downpour - complete with wind & huge, full raindrops. I fought it at first, I was put out that I was now getting completely soaked. The umbrella that I had brought with us, "just in case," flipped inside out because the winds were so strong & my stubborn pug, Olive, decided she was having none of it & was refusing to walk, while the other one, Razzy, was pulling as hard as she could on the leash in the direction of home. I felt overwhelmed & frustrated but my next reaction surprised me - uncontrollable laughter - I just threw my arms up & gave in & I laughed harder than I have in a long time. Still laughing, I turned & started jogging towards the house. The rain had started coming down harder & from all directions & I have the clearest mental memory of looking down at Razzle as we ran (Olive was still dragging behind us, that princess doesn't "get" wet) & there was a moment that Razzy looked back up at me, I swear she was smiling a little puggy smile. I really think she was having fun & all was well in the world at that moment. It was ridiculous & silly & we were soaked to the bone but it didn't matter. The rain actually felt good, it felt cleansing. It was a reminder that I can't control everything, that some things just happen the way they are going to happen & I should embrace it. 

It reminded me of a quote that I saw making it's rounds on Pinterest lately : 

"Embrace the current season of your life." 

The quote is by Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom in a post she did about work life balance. She goes on further in her post to say "Embrace your current life. And when it's hard to embrace, know the next season is coming faster than you think." 

Those words couldn't mean more to me at this time. I want to embrace exactly where we are right now in our life. I get so caught up I forget to enjoy all the tiny things. I get lost in what is supposed to be happening next that I forget to just breathe & enjoy the "now." I'm not always going to have the energy to accomplish everything I want to accomplish, I'm going to have bad days & sad days but I'm also going to have happy & productive days. Some things won't go as I planned & I won't be able to control everything. It will be a perfectly imperfect life & I will embrace it, every second of it.

Do you ever feel like the universe gives you a little kick in the pants?! An "aha" moment, where you know you just have to let go & just be?! Hope everyone has a great week!
hugs & cheek pecks, Meghan

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