Wednesday, July 25, 2012


currently, I am: 

loving: anything that has fringe on it - shoes, bags, shirts - I'm loving them all. In fact, I will be back tomorrow with a fringe inspired post including some of my recent fringy favorites. 

reading: I am going back & forth between The Age of Miracles & The Night Circus. Both are very easy, fun reads. 

watching: I almost feel embarrassed admitting this (only almost embarrassed), but I started the show Pretty Little Liars from the beginning on netflix a few weekends ago out of sheer boredom & I got hooked. I seriously never thought it would be a show I could get into, but I didn't realize it was so murder mystery-esque & now I am a PLL fan for life...I just watched the season 2 finale today, if anyone wants to fangirl with me, because -holy moly- it was intense! 

anticipating: dare I admit that I am ready for Fall?!?! I know it's too soon & I will continue to enjoy every bit of what's left of the summer BUT Fall is by far my favorite...I'm ready for boots, apple cider, cooler weather, pumpkin muffins & pretty much everything else that Fall has to offer. 

listening to: I've been a bit nostalgic lately - listening to some of my favorite older bands that remind me of summer time, like The Sundays. They remind me of my college days & the summer I met Creed (my husband, Creed, not the band Creed, because that would be ridiculous). 

planning: My parents booked their tickets to come see me in September (yay!!) so I have been planning what we will do during their visit! They will be with me for a whole week & I haven't seen my mom since last November! (I'm so excited!)

working on: redefining my blog space to add more content (diy's & such) & also reaching out to other bloggers that I admire & read on a daily basis, but never make time to comment. I deleted my feed-reader app off my iphone to help with this. I have such a bad habit of reading blogs on my phone, on the go & have full intentions to go back & comment but never do. So, now I will only read them on the computer & hopefully have stronger interactions. I've met so many amazing, like-minded people through the blogging community & think it's important to not only foster those relationships but also be supportive & uplifting.

wishing: for more hours in the day...or perhaps better time management skills. ha! I have a few house projects that I'm dying to start working on but I need to iron out the details on how I'm going to make them first. Wishing/hoping I figure them out soon...

I originally saw the "currently" meme on Danielle's blog, Sometimes Sweet. It was fun to play along, I'd love to see what you're up to currently, feel free to link up in the comments section! 

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  1. The Age of Miracles is waiting for me in my B&N library! I read the Night Circus last winter and didn't love it. I felt like it went on and on and got caught up in the little details. Book review blog post when you finish?

    1. Definitely! & yeah, so far I agree The Night Circus has been a little slow going, hoping it gets better! :)


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