Thursday, June 28, 2012

life happenings

I'm so amazed at how fast June has flown by & also slightly appalled that I haven't been updating more. Actually, that's kind of a lie - having a break for a bit (or pretty much since we moved here to Colorado, because lets face it, I've been sporadic about posting) has been good for me. Finding your footing in a new place is not the easiest, every time I thought I was there, I just wasn't. I adore/love/want to marry Colorado & this beautiful little city we live in, but it has taken me this long (about 6 months) to really feel like this is "my" town, if that makes any sense. I'm back though, I'm inspired, I feel like mine & Creed's life is finally on track & headed where it is meant to head. & hopefully this means I will be sharing more! I have a journal full of ideas & diy's & whatnots, so heres to a fantastic rest of the summer!!

The photos above are basically what I have been filling my days with: we ventured down to the nearest Ikea & crammed my sad little car as full as we could (we got a new bed & a new entertainment center), these new pieces lead to the desire to re-vamp/add to our existing decor (new duvet, etc.). Adding some new things here & there always makes everything feel fresh & fun! I have also been working my buns off on bootie orders, as well as some new designs for Pleasantly Plump, I'm planning to add them to the shop soon! Can't wait!! I also started a little knitting group that meets once a month with some awesome ladies I have met - more on this later!!

We are driving down to Denver tonight, my dad is in town, so we are going to grab a bit to eat with him! I'm excited, it's been months since I've seen him!! Happy Thursday, all! 
hugs & cheek pecks, Meghan

p.s. this makes two posts in one day....insane, right?!

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