Thursday, June 28, 2012

5 questions

I was tagged awhile ago (& by awhile, I mean back in April, yikes!) by Kym from The Adventures of Kym & Dustin to answer some fun questions. Before I answer her questions though, I just have to say that I love Kym's blog & find her & her husband's adventurous spirits so inspiring - they live/work on a glacier in Alaska during the summers - how cool is that?!? I keep trying to convince her to come visit Boulder, I would love to have tea/coffee with her & hear all about their adventures! 

Okay so on to the questions! 

1. 5 places you need to visit: Hawaii, France, Ireland, Alaska & Italy (again, because once isn't enough)

2.  5 places you would love to call home: Washington, Hawaii, San Francisco, Oregon & I'm drawing a blank on the last one...I'm pretty much open to anything though. 

3.  Top 5 favorite things in your life: Pugs, knitting, getting to work from home with a "dream" job, photography/cameras & my husband :)

4. 5 things you want to cross off your bucket list or goal list this year: I want to travel around to all the fun, old miner mountain towns here in CO, plan a road trip down to Sante Fe, start on a quilt, sew a piece of clothing for myself & finally follow through with plans on branching out & growing Pleasantly Plump [Knits.]

5. 5 Random facts about yourself: 1. I was born in Miami, FL & have lived in 5 different states so far (Florida, Virginia, New Mexico, Georgia & Colorado) 2. I love working out & have worked on & off as a personal trainer since I was 21 3. I've driven the same car since I was 15, I can't stand the thought of selling her at this point, no matter how ugly & beat up she is 4. I would rather receive balloons over flowers any day (they just seem so much more fun) & 5. I've always been told I'm overly sensitive, I cry easily, like at sappy movies or commercials even, or because I am just soooo happy or if I see someone else crying...even if they are strangers. I've learned to embrace this, instead of hide it & I think people that don't feel that much emotion are missing out. (life is beautiful.) 

Well that was fun, even if it did take me a few months to finally answer (sorry, Kym). If you want to participate, feel free to post on your blog & send me the link or post your answers in the comment section below! 

p.s. the photo above is from a lake that is only about a mile from our house, we take bike rides there & it kinda just takes my breath away....I love Colorado. 

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  1. Gorgeous photo!

    I really wish I had the umph to love working out. I am such a lazy butt when it comes to that. If my car from when I was 16 still ran, I'd still be driving that around too. I miss my Grandpamobile.

  2. Oh! And I did this lil meme:


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