Thursday, April 5, 2012

spring time in colorado

I probably need to stop saying how much I love this new state we live guys will just get tired of hearing it (if you aren't tired already) but I just can't help it. Spring has definitely begun to bud in these parts. With it being our first spring here, I wasn't really sure what to expect, but waking up every morning & looking out our windows & seeing all the green slowly budding each day & all the flowers popping up, it's truly beautiful & so exciting!

I've also mentioned that one of our favorite things to do is to take the pugs to the park that is right around the corner from our house. I love having days off when Creed is home because we get to go together,  I so love having that time together & I have no doubts it will be a memory that will stay with me forever. Here are some photos from our little walk to the park today.

This is a gorgeous tree in a little mini park that is right across the street from "our" park. Every time we pass it, I'm always reminded of the scene in the movie Notting Hill where they read the inscription from a bench in a little park, it reads: "For June, who loved this garden, from Joseph who always sat beside her." (so many tears) 

freeeeedooomm!! I love that we can let the puggies off their leashes & they just have a grand ol' time, but always come back to us. 

Such a fun little outing! I can't wait to make so many more memories here!! Hope everyone is having an amazing Thursday! I think I'm going to spend the rest of the day crafting (I'll share my latest little project tomorrow), cooking & catching up on all the Community episodes we've missed! hugs & cheek pecks, Meghan

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  1. I love that tree! Such beautiful colors! CO looks pretty awesome.

  2. just found your blog and I'm truly loving it, i think what i love most of all is that you have pugs! i grew up with pugs and i miss them too much, glad i can't live vicariously through yalls :)


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