Monday, April 16, 2012

letterpress adventure

I feel so lucky that I got the opportunity to go to Bird Dog Press's studio in Lyons, CO last Thursday night & I had such a fantastic time, I just had to share!! 

I was contacted earlier this year by the lovely ladies from Firefly Handmade to apply to participate in their upcoming spring market here in Boulder, on April 21st & 22nd, but decided I didn't have enough time to fully prepare to have my own booth, so I chose to volunteer my time to help instead. I am so thankful I did! Not only did I get to meet the masterminds behind Firefly, Kristin, Allison & Holland, but I was introduced to the amazing art of letterpress at Allison's to-die-for studio! I am officially obsessed with letterpress, by the way, & feel like I have found my newest hobby! AHH! It was so fun! We were prepping for their 'make & take' prize for market goers - you will have to attend the market, if you live close to Boulder, to see what that prize is!! It was such an amazing night & so fun to be around all of that creative energy! Those Firefly ladies really have a great thing going! 

You should definitely plan to attend the market this weekend - all the info is here! I will be there on Sunday helping. The vendor list looks awesome this year, I am looking forward to checking out the abundance of handmade goods. It's going to be an all around fun weekend! 

Happy Monday! hugs & cheek pecks, Meghan

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  1. That looks so cool! I believe there is a studio in town that does this, I need to check it out!

    1. I wish I had remembered to bring my good camera, because her studio was seriously what my dream studio would look like! You should definitely check out your local letterpress studio, a lot of them teach classes!! :)

  2. Oh, fun! Isn't Letterpress great?? I took a class at the local art university a few years back and became obsessed about finding my own table-top One day! :) It's addicting!


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