Tuesday, April 3, 2012

just a little wishlist

In case you didn't know (& everyone should)  - my birthday is next Monday!! Parrttty! So in honor of my birthday week (because you deserve a whole week to celebrate in my opinion) I have put together a completely random list of items from my recent "want" list for fun. In no particular order...

2. wise owl canister - anthropologie
3. camera plush - yellow heart art
4. jardin skirt - jcrew
5. zig zag duvet - urban outfitters
6. vintage mug shot posters - larken design
8. urbanears earphones - fred flare
9. raindrop lace top - jcrew
10. latte bowls - anthropologie
11. fox mask - sundries & plunder
13. polaroid print - handz

I am lucky enough to have a few days off this week, so I am hoping to fill them with some thrifting & crafting, perhaps some baking - the perfect way to spend a birthday week! I can't believe it's already April, I also can't believe I'm about to turn 29!! eeshh....

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  1. I love all the things on your list <3 specially the mint earphones, the bicycle and the duvet <3_<3

    I hope you have an awesome birthday week (:

    Carmila Ponycat

  2. Hey Meghy!! yep your bday is coming up and then mine!! April is a great month. Love your birthday list. The t-shirt is my favorite!! I'm working on my list to give to my hubby. Enjoy your birthday week and hope you have the best time!!! Tell Creed hello!


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