Thursday, February 23, 2012

what's in my bag?!

[what's in my bag?]

I haven't done a "what's in my bag?!" post in here's a little peek into what you can normally find in my purse at any given time - give or take some crumpled up receipts. 

yellow purse + wallet + mustache pouch :: target
kindle + case (handmade) :: I'm currently re-reading the Hunger Games in preparation of the movie!
bird pin + turquoise ring :: vintage from my mom's shop
american apparel 'manilla' nail polish :: my all time favorite shade of yellow polish
lipstick + lip gloss :: cheapies from target
the naked bee hand sanitizer :: from my mom's shop
iphone, random instaxs, pencil, pen & gum
& finally - armwarmers :: handmade by me & a must-have in this cold Colorado weather! 

Happy Thursday!! xo. Meghan

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  1. I love your purse! I have been on a mission to find a yellow purse ever since mine was stolen. I love to see what other people keep in their bags since we keep, like, our lives in there!

  2. I love posts like these! In fact, I made one just like it yesterday! Definitely going to start following your blog :)

  3. When people do posts like this, I feel like a little girl digging through their purse. I used to love doing that! I guess we are all a bit nosey. I love watching these types of videos on Youtube! :)

    All your little things are adorable. I think I might start carrying my kindle in my purse, too. That's a good idea because you never know when you'll be bored somehwere!

  4. Your purse is so lovely!! I adore posts like these, I should do one, once I'm out of my blogging funk.


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