Monday, February 27, 2012

Little Home Tour :: Part Two

Our living room area is a big space so I created a little sitting area & a place for my records & record player to break up the space a bit & to create the feeling of two separate but cohesive living areas. We spend the most time in here together as a family, watching movies & such, so we prefer it to be as comfortable as possible! I'm sure I'll be changing this space up often, it's a fun space to decorate. I hope you enjoy taking a little peek into our living room....

I had some left over vinyl contact paper from my Chevron Striped Fridge project, so I cut out a smaller chevron pattern to add to these vintage suitcases. I used scissors & hand-cut them this time to make the stripes look more "hand-drawn". 

I had this film & camera display hung in our old house as well. It's the perfect place to house all of the film cameras that I still like to use & easy access, so I can just grab a camera & some film on the way out the door. (not all who wander are lost poster from the wheatfield)

I grew up with a Carrom board, so when I moved out of my parents house my mom found me a similar vintage one (with all the pieces!!) & gifted it to me so I would have one in my home as well. We spent hours playing with ours growing up, it's such a fun little game board! Here is some more information on Carrom boards if you're interested. I will do a post on the main game we used to play with ours, it's basically like finger pool. (so fun to play with friends!) 

Can we talk about our new-ish couch for a second?!? I just love this couch...its a herringbone print & I found it for a really decent price at Rooms-to-Go, of all places. I was going to wait until we got to Colorado & settled before I decided for sure on a couch, but I found out there were no Rooms-to-Go's out west & I just couldn't get this little herringbone couch out of my mind. I convinced Creed to let me get it with some of my saved up birthday & christmas monies & they delivered it just days before we headed out west...ha! I really do love it & am so glad I went ahead & got it! 

My pug love runs deep, so much so, that it overflows on to our walls! The unframed pug art is from Retro Whale, the Knitty Knitty print is by Ashley G, the Why Won't You Love Me? print is by Julia Pott, the "Olive" pug embroidery is handmade by me - pattern by Sublime Stitching (I need to make Razzle one, too) & the pug painting was done by a little old lady that did portraits in exchange for donations for the Humane Society in GA. I wish I still had her contact info...Well, that's all for now. Once I get our bedroom in order, I will do another little tour of it! Thanks for looking! hugs & cheek pecks, meghan ♥

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  1. You legit have the prettiest house ever! I freaking love everything, except maybe that extremely creepy PeeWee Herman doll, haha. I does look cute and kooky with everything else though! Love it, lady :D

    1. haha! Thanks! Pee-Wee's Big Adventure is one of my favorite movies so he will always have a place in my home. ;) (my pugs are totally scared of him too, though! ha!)

  2. that little pug collage just blew my mind! love it! :)

  3. your living room is adorable!!! it looks like something I would see in a movie. i'm sure its so comfortable just to relax in after a long day :)

  4. Eeek! This is crazy adorable! I love the color of that chair...and the suitcases! :) Such great little details...

  5. i adore your luggage!! so creative and adorable. I want to live in your home :)

    Kristen L.

  6. I stumbled upon your blog today and I'm in love! Your posts are gorgeous, I think you're a vegetarian and your house is fantastic! I'm looking forward to following your blog!

  7. just came across your blog and this room looks beautiful! i love the chair :)


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