Tuesday, January 31, 2012

12 goals in 2012

Last year I did a 20 goals in 2011 & although I didn't complete all of the goals on my list it was still a fun little reminder to step outside of my normal routine.  This year I thought I would make it even easier on myself & just shoot for 12 simple goals in 2012! 

Most of my goals are self explanatory but some may not be so here is the list with a little explanation. 

1. take a hot air balloon ride - one of my dreams since childhood! This will be the year I can feel it, also we now live in the vicinity of a big handful of hot air balloon tour companies & I see hot air balloons in the air daily. I got to see one take off a few weeks ago & my heart almost exploded....
2. start a quilt - this one is kind of funny if you know more about my details with my aforementioned job fiasco but nonetheless this will still be a goal of mine (& it has been for the past two years...so it's time to at least start one this year.)
3.  penpals & sending more snail mail - I have already been doing a great job with this goal, being this far away from all my friends & family makes this particular goal kind of fun! I know I love receiving snail mail from them so I can't wait to send more to them...
4. make more handmade gifts - I have been compiling a list of fun diy's & handmade gift ideas, I can't wait to put them to good use & to share some on here. (pinterest makes this goal so easy, add me if you have an account, my username is mpdesigns)
5. cook my moms famous lumpia - my parents lived in the Phillipines for awhile before I was born & my mom learned how to make filipino lumpia, which essentially is their version of an eggroll. If you know my family you know that this is a prized recipe. All of our friends & family that have had it, ask my mom to make it anytime they come visit. It takes time to make them, so we only have them on special occasions (& it's the most delicious meal you will ever have). She even changed the recipe slightly to make vegetarian ones for me years ago - BUT can you believe I've never tried to make them by myself?!?! I'm 28 & have lived away from home for far too long not to try these on my own....(I'm scared, mom, come help me). :)
6. do more outdoor workouts - there is no excuse for this one. There are great running/biking trails right outside of my front door.
7. road trip to surrounding areas - there are amazing places to take day trips to not only in Colorado but also Wyoming, etc. I'm making a list for this summer! 
8. join a group/club - I'm hoping this will help me make some new friends. If you are in the Boulder area & want to do a knitting, reading or craft night let me know! 
9. bike to the grocery store - there is a grocery store, coffee shop & yogurt shop in biking/walking distance from our house.  I can't wait to bike there in the spring/summer. I have to get a bike first...but baby steps.
10. bake a pie from scratch - I still have never done this, shame on me.
11. blog more - I want to get better about documenting our life but also I want to get better about commenting on all the blogs I love & read daily. 
12. make time for myself & my family - this one has been hard for me since I started working from home on my own small business. I have a hard time taking time off or working on projects for myself. I want to start making time to create new things & just get refreshed.

So that's that! Looking forward to accomplishing these goals in 2012. & I know I'm a little late on posting these, but at least I got it posted in January, even if it's the last day of the month!
hugs & cheek pecks, meghan

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  1. I'm in love with your list - I might even do a few myself, especially the quilt! Good luck!

  2. I would love to take a hot air balloon ride. And be terrified at the same time. Hahaha these are good goals and 12 is a very manageable number.

  3. I love this list! so many interesting things :) i want to start sending out more snail mail too, emails get so boring and you can't make an email look as pretty as you can a handwritten letter! good luck in completing your list xo

  4. Great list!! Can't wait to see pictures of everything along the way! I've already come up with a hot air ballooning song.

  5. I'm not in the Boulder area but I live in Littleton, I've been wanting to start a blogging "support" group in the Denver area, would you be interested? (once a month or once every other month?)


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