Monday, December 26, 2011

white christmas

How lucky were we to get a white Christmas this year? It still hasn't totally sunk in yet that we actually live here. We will get to look at those beautiful mountains everyday & have so many new places to explore!  I am so excited for 2012 & know that it's going to be such an amazing transforming year! 

Here are some photos of us playing in the snow a bit on Christmas day....

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  1. How exciting!!! So happy for you two.

  2. wow! it didnt snow one bit here :( such pretty pics!

  3. i love colorado! what a pretty place you get to call home. there is no snow in mt so i'm having a white christmas vicariously through you.

  4. Love your pretty outfit (and your pugs!) ;)

  5. I love all the pretty snow!! So glad you and Creed had a nice Christmas. I thought about you and hoped all was going well. The pugs look happy too. ;)


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