Friday, November 11, 2011

we're moving!!!

There's been some big changes & planning going on in our household lately!!!  These last few months have been so busy & have flown by so fast....we have decided to take the plunge & move cross-country to Boulder, Colorado!!! 

photo credit: Emily P. (my awesome sis in-law)

We are so very excited! It's still slightly overwhelming for the ultra-control-planning freak that I am because it feels like a million things still need to be done but I am taking it day by day & trying to enjoy every second of it!  I will be sad to leave my friends & family that live nearby but I can't wait to start this new amazing chapter in our lives!! Being an air force brat growing up, I got used to moving about every 4 years of my life. I have lived in Georgia now for over 13 I am about 9 years overdue for a move, :) I am definitely ready for the change & adventure!

My husband-extraordinaire will be pursuing his Ph.D (mr. smarty pants!) & me & the puglets will be along for the awesome ride!!  I will try to keep everyone updated during our journey on here. We don't have an exact departure date yet, but if everything goes as planned we will be leaving Georgia for colorful Colorado in the first part of December! (I'm kinda hoping for a white Christmas this year!)

I have a feeling 2012 will be the best year yet!! Can't wait to experience this new adventure!
hugs & cheek pecks.

P.S. I will have my shop closed down off & on throughout this process until we get all settled. 
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  1. how awesome! i have never been to boulder but hear great things about how beautiful it is! good luck with the move :)

  2. This is so exciting! My mom is always talking about how she wants to move to Boulder. I can't wait to see pictures once you get there, I'll have to show her. :]

  3. wahoo! congratulations. p.s. my son Behr wears his booties all the time!


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