Friday, September 30, 2011

summer re-cap

I thought it would be fun to do a little summer 2011 re-cap list. I feel I'm a tad late, but it's better late than never. So here goes....

This summer we:

+ ate ridiculous amounts of frozen yogurt, Jimmy Johns sandwiches & burritos
+ watched every single re-run of How I Met Your Mother, it was legen --- wait for it ---- dary!!! 
+ had work schedules that allowed us to workout together in the middle of the day (I so loved this)
+ witnessed the beauty of amazing sunsets (see above photo) on more than one occasion
+ cried the saddest, most heartbreaking tears but then cried the happiest, most joyful tears exactly 2 months later
+ took full advantage of Regal Theaters $5 Tuesday movie nights
+ stayed up way past our bedtime most nights
+ began making new holiday traditions for our little family
+ got to see Florence & the Machine live (ahhhhmazing)
+ went to the midnight showing of the last Harry Potter movie 
+ made some fun home decor changes, herehere & here
+ celebrated my blog's one year anniversary & then took a little vacay from blogging for the whole month of August 
+ spent an amazing summer day up in Helen, Ga with friends tubing down the Chattahoochie
+ had our California trip all planned & ready to go only to have to cancel at the very last minute (kind of a long story that involved a trip to the emergency vet with our Razzle because she consumed a 16 inch piece of braided is that even possible you ask?! I'll spare you the gory details but she's completely fine now. Still naughty but fine.) 
+ realized that sometimes the let down of having to change big plans like the aforementioned occasion can lead to much, much bigger & better things....funny how life works out like that. 

Overall my summer was amazing. I wouldn't trade it for anything because I got to spend it with my Creed. We have been making some big decisions about our future in the past couple of weeks. This has involved long late night discussions & a lot of what if's & up in the air's (I will share soon when we get a better grasp on everything). I couldn't be happier or more excited with where our life is headed. I just need to remember to breathe & enjoy every second of it. It seems to go by so fast! Happpy Fall!! hugs & cheek pecks!

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