Friday, July 22, 2011

summer treats

One of my favorite treats during the summer - especially to stay cool - is little trips to Sonic! A Route 44 Cherry Limeade can really cure just about anything. We went there the other day right after working out (oops) & it really hit the spot! I'm thinking we may need to take another trip today! It is Friday after all! 

I am really excited about this weekend, I feel like I have lots of fun things to do! Here's a little list:

- I have all the supplies to start on some fun new projects - this means busting out the sewing machine - if I'm successful I will share. :)
- I want to try THIS recipe for baked cake doughnuts (I've been craving them)! If you have made some & they were delicious please share the recipe!
- We are patiently (& anxiously) awaiting the arrival of my newest niece or nephew, I'm still voting it's going to be a girl! Come on baby Marple!!!! If this happens we are road tripping down to meet this new little bundle! I'm so excited!
- & lastly we booked our trip to CALIFORNIA this week! We have exactly one month to plan out what we are going to do while we are there & for me to plan what outfits I'm going to wear (because girls think about these things...)
Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a magical weekend! ♥ Pin It


  1. So many fun things to look forward to! I hope the babe arrives (or has arrived!) safely and good luck with the outfit decisions too!! xx

  2. Seriously stop being so cute!! And what?! You are coming to CA? When? What part??? :) In case you are wondering what I am up at 4 am, I couldn't sleep and this led me to for some reason think about sustainable toys/food/clothes for my kids which led me to think of you. :) Oh the life of a Mom!


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