Thursday, July 14, 2011

kitchen chalkboard wall

A couple of months ago I decided to use some left over chalkboard paint to paint a wall in our kitchen/dining nook. I love how it turned out & I enjoy changing it every month.  I decided I would start documenting each time I change it starting this month. I really have way too much fun drawing on it & probably spend too much time doing so. This month, my design was heavily inspired by the amazing work of Dana Tanamachi (her chalk work is really stunning). Here are some peeks...

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  1. I love your style & taste (that is extra special coming from an interior design student) haha! I want a complete tour!

  2. This is incredibly awesome! You can never have too many chalk boards!

  3. Very clever idea! I've seen this done on a door fridge, too. Debating on whether to wait 'till i have little bambinos running around or to do it now.

  4. That is a GORGEOUS design! I'm mighty impressed. :)

  5. i am also very impressed!! nice job!!! :)


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