Friday, July 8, 2011

for the love of film friday

As mentioned in this new goals post back in May, I wanted to start getting back to my roots in traditional photography. My very first camera was a basic Polaroid 600 followed by lots of simple film point & shoots. In high school, I longed for something more substantial & started begging my parents for an analog SLR, they appeased my requests one Christmas & my love for traditional film was born. I learned how to develop my own black & white film in a darkroom & carried on with that through my college years as a fine arts major. I was very hesitant to jump on the digital photography bandwagon, but now that I have, I have noticed I use my film cameras less & less. (sadness) In an effort to change that I thought it would be fun to start sharing some of my film photography periodically in a new feature called For The Love Of Film

This is some of my older work, from a study abroad trip to Italy when I was still in college. 
Shot with my trusty Pentax ZX-L, using T-Max 400 black & white film & hand developed by me.

For larger & more images from this set go here. It's a little painful to look through these again, it leaves me with this deep yearning to go back to Italy. It was the most amazing summer I have ever had & I am so glad I was able to capture some of that beauty on film. & seriously the graininess & saturation of T-Max 400 film?!?! There is just nothing better in this world, digital doesn't hold a candle. Thanks for viewing! Happy Friday!
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  1. Ah Italy. Nowhere more beautiful. And your pictures capture it all so fantastically. x

  2. These are truly gorgeous photos. You are very talented!

  3. Beautiful! I'm stopping to say hello (I featured your shop on Spearmint Baby) so glad to find your lovely blog! Your road trip package is too darn clever!

  4. Hello, I am a new reader. Your blog is so pretty! I used to be a huge lover of film too. I took classes in high school and college but I don't seem to have the time or the money for it anymore. Your pictures are beautiful.

  5. WOW! I'm seriously in love. You are right. The digital just wouldn't look as amazing! Beautiful photos and Italy has always been a dream of mine! Maybe someday.


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