Friday, July 1, 2011

entryway makeover

It seems my little room makeovers always happen on a whim, while taking photos for my last post, I noticed how neglectful I have been of our entryway. Quite frankly, it was boring. The ceiling is very tall & I have always been too intimidated to paint it (we would have to find a very, very tall ladder), the artwork I hang always seems dwarfed - I needed something to break up the space & then it came to me - STRIPES! 

Of course I couldn't waste any time so I spent the majority of yesterday working on it (& by majority I mean a good 8 hours, stripes are serious business). I had the vision of what I wanted it to look like, a way to break up the room but still keep the spacious appeal & I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. It's such a simple element added but it really adds some personality to the room.  I'm not done decorating the space yet but I just couldn't wait to share photos of it, I am so in love. ♥ Without further ado, our new re-vamped entryway...

Tips & Info:
- I used my trusty t-square & level to mark the lines for the tape, I actually drew out all the lines, I found it to be the easiest way for me to ensure the lines were straight
- my stripes are 10 inches wide (I painted 6 stripes)
- I used Frog Painters Tape to mask the stripes, it was my first time using that brand & it was amazing. The only touch-ups I had to do was from getting too crazy with the roller.
- I recommend taking the tape off after the second coat, while it's still wet, this way you don't pull off paint from the stripes when it's dry
- the paint color I used for the stripes was Behr - Wheat Bread, it's the same color I used in the adjoining hallway & family room, it visually blends nicely.
- the base paint color was there when we bought the house, its an off-white eggshell (not sure of the brand or name)
- the whole project took me about 8 hours (I took breaks in between), about 6 hours to mark & mask the lines & only about 2 hours to do 2 coats of paint.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love it! And I love those colors. Great job! :)

  2. Beautiful! I love how you changed the whole look!

  3. Wow, great thinking! That's a perfect way to break up such a large and empty space! And the stripes look perfect, which (i'm sure you know) is incredibly hard to do! Bravo.

  4. You are such an inspiration! All these photos belong on Pinterest. :)

  5. oh my looks AMAZING!!!! I just pinned it ;)

  6. wow, this looks great!
    totally going to try something similar.. but wow you've got skill with the level, the lines look very straight and unwonky.

  7. omfg, freaking out! this is absolutely amazing!
    one of my friends in high school had a really light pink/white striping on one of her walls in her bedroom, and i had been so jealous. this is so bold and beautiful, i'm in love!

  8. oooo I am so jealous of your house!! even just the entry way is gorgeous, so the rest of the house must be amazing. love.



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