Saturday, June 11, 2011

saturday outing

My friend Melissa & I went to the ICE atlanta show today & this is what I wore (my excuse for not using my real camera for my outfit photos is that I was in a rush, shame shame)! BUT it's one of my new goals so the next outfit photos I post will be better quality, promise! 

 (outfit details: tunic - marshall's, belt - thrifted, jeans/jeggings - target)

The ICE atlanta show was fun! There was definitely some really cute stuff made by some very talented artists! I was a good girl & only bought one thing. Because every person (or dog) should have an 'itty bitty crown' of their own...& who could possibly resist?! Here is little Olive modeling it for you...

It was purchased from Molly of Stitch Mouth, I don't think she has any listed in her shop, but she makes all sizes & would probably do a custom order. They have little elastic straps to attach under the chin & they look really cute on humans too! If Olive will share, I plan on wearing mine for special occasions (birthdays, trips to the grocery store, cooking get the picture)! 

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! ♥

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  1. glad to hear you enjoyed the show - that crown is SUPER cute!! x

  2. Lovely outfit...for you and your pupster both! hehe

  3. Wow this picture of your pooch is too precious. I have a feeling my giant pups would eat their crowns. haha Love your blog! xo

  4. You have the bangs that I've always wanted but have never been able to pull off! Jealous.


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