Wednesday, June 29, 2011

film & camera display

Some of you may remember my vintage camera display that I did earlier this year...well I have been wanting to do a similar idea for the traditional film cameras that I use as well.  I knew I wanted something convenient, so it would entice me to bring some of my film cameras along when I leave the house instead of always forgetting them.  I believe I found my solution on my latest thrifting excursion. 

I bought this crate (I think it was a wine crate of some sort, it has a "napa valley" stamp on the back) for a few bucks at my favorite thrift store last week; I put four holes in the back & hung it proudly by the front door. It does the trick perfectly if I do say so myself...

In case you are curious here is the info on the cameras from left to right...
top row: Instax white mini, 35mm slide film (to cross-process), original lomo lc-a (they stopped making them in 2005, but make a similar lc-a+ now), holga 120
second row: instax mini film, mini diana, action sampler camera, colorsplash camera
third row: Polaroid sun 600, Polaroid izone 200 (this takes itsy bitsy polaroid photos, I only have like 15 expired packs of film left), pop 9 camera, & expired polaroid film for my holga back

Hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday! I feel like the summer festivities have really kicked in to high gear at the Perry house & I am so excited about all the fun things/adventures that we will be experiencing soon! ♥

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  1. very pretty display!

  2. OH. I love this! It's the perfect find, and the cameras look great! Approved!

  3. I really love this! I found one vintage camera last year for like $20! STEAL! It's alone and I think I should get some more. I'm really diggin' how you displayed it!

  4. such a good idea!! it's gonna make you want to take even, even more photos!!

  5. these look so great together and I lvoe your collection, I really need to get an LC-A.

    Love your blog, thank you so much for follwing mine and leading me back to yours :)

  6. so crazy you have the swell polaroid izone! i thought i was the only one who had it!

  7. You have quite a nice collection and I love the display. I own that diana mini and polaroid camera too.
    I see you also shoot instax mini? I got the instax 50S last year and I'm so in love with it.
    Lovely post!

  8. I love this so much! You've really inspired me to do something like this myself :)

    Erin //


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