Wednesday, June 29, 2011

film & camera display

Some of you may remember my vintage camera display that I did earlier this year...well I have been wanting to do a similar idea for the traditional film cameras that I use as well.  I knew I wanted something convenient, so it would entice me to bring some of my film cameras along when I leave the house instead of always forgetting them.  I believe I found my solution on my latest thrifting excursion. 

I bought this crate (I think it was a wine crate of some sort, it has a "napa valley" stamp on the back) for a few bucks at my favorite thrift store last week; I put four holes in the back & hung it proudly by the front door. It does the trick perfectly if I do say so myself...

In case you are curious here is the info on the cameras from left to right...
top row: Instax white mini, 35mm slide film (to cross-process), original lomo lc-a (they stopped making them in 2005, but make a similar lc-a+ now), holga 120
second row: instax mini film, mini diana, action sampler camera, colorsplash camera
third row: Polaroid sun 600, Polaroid izone 200 (this takes itsy bitsy polaroid photos, I only have like 15 expired packs of film left), pop 9 camera, & expired polaroid film for my holga back

Hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday! I feel like the summer festivities have really kicked in to high gear at the Perry house & I am so excited about all the fun things/adventures that we will be experiencing soon! ♥

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

pug love

I just felt the need to share with you that my little Razzy is not only not-so-little anymore but pretty much full grown. For some reference here she is at 2 months old & 4 months old.

Olive is about the same plus or minus a few pounds (let's be honest, plus a few pounds). In fact at her recent vet check-up, her vet referred to her as "portly," I quickly covered Olive's ears & said "watch your tone, doctor." Okay not really, but we did make a point to reassure Olive that she was beautiful the rest of the evening after having to cut back on her food intake (sad portly pug). Enough with the's some photos of my pleasantly plump puggies, all grow'd up! (razzy's almost 9 months & olive is 2 years)

Razzy's favorite thing to do is grab Olive by her hambone...& then Olive fights back - rarrrrr! I believe that's enough pug love for one day! Happy thursday-almost-friday! ♥

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Monday, June 20, 2011

print love

Happy Monday!!! I've had the idea of re-decorating my master bedroom & bathroom on my mind lately so I've been browsing the web for are some fun prints that I came across, no doubt they would all look lovely framed & hanging on the walls in my home! Enjoy ♥

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Friday, June 17, 2011

new shop additions

I added some new color options in my shop this week (kinda in love with the Mr. Mustache Pink edition)! I still have some more I need to knit/shoot/post & I've also been working on some completely new designs. Hoping to get them figured out & posted soon! 

enter coupon code - freeshipping - this weekend upon checkout to receive free shipping on all domestic orders!

I have a busy weekend planned - full of baby showers & baby sitting & hopefully some fun time with the pups & husband! Happy Friday!
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

saturday outing

My friend Melissa & I went to the ICE atlanta show today & this is what I wore (my excuse for not using my real camera for my outfit photos is that I was in a rush, shame shame)! BUT it's one of my new goals so the next outfit photos I post will be better quality, promise! 

 (outfit details: tunic - marshall's, belt - thrifted, jeans/jeggings - target)

The ICE atlanta show was fun! There was definitely some really cute stuff made by some very talented artists! I was a good girl & only bought one thing. Because every person (or dog) should have an 'itty bitty crown' of their own...& who could possibly resist?! Here is little Olive modeling it for you...

It was purchased from Molly of Stitch Mouth, I don't think she has any listed in her shop, but she makes all sizes & would probably do a custom order. They have little elastic straps to attach under the chin & they look really cute on humans too! If Olive will share, I plan on wearing mine for special occasions (birthdays, trips to the grocery store, cooking get the picture)! 

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! ♥

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Package Re-Design

I finally took some photos of my new Pleasantly Plump [Knits.] packaging! The most important aspect for this re-design was providing an aesthetically pleasing package but keeping it completely earth friendly (my previous packaging was great but mainly plastic & not very environmentally friendly).
The new box & tissue paper is made out of 100% recycled content & the twine is made in the USA & 100% cotton.  I used a theme of growth & earth in my previous packaging  by using a grass astroturf mat for the booties to sit on, the new package continues this theme in a much more earth-friendly way by including a packet of wild flower seeds to be spread & planted to your hearts content. 

Each pair of Pleasantly Plump [Knits.] booties will now come packaged this way - perfect to give as a gift or keep for yourself!! Let me know what you think!

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

how do ya do?

With the new blog design & a new month, I thought it would be fun to do a little q & a session to re-introduce myself & if you'd like, you can participate too...

I got the idea today from this post by the adorable Lauren of busy bee lauren! (who got it from here comes the sun) They have some fun questions, check them out! 

I decided to do my own version, so here goes...

1. what is your first & middle name & current town? meghan kate (I currently use my maiden name, marple, as my middle name though) & I live in Atlanta, Ga (technically Marietta) 

2. what was your favorite book growing up? I had a gazillion favorites (I read a lot as a kid) but the two that stick out in my mind are The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams & A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle, they are still two of my favs! 

3. what is an expression or word that you use often? I over-use the words awesome & amazing & I say "I want to shrink [enter cute person or thing] down & put them in my pocket" a lot. I also frequently use "PULL IT TOGETHER!" 

4. what is your current favorite song &/or album? I have been listening to Adele's newest album on repeat lately & I can't stop listening to this sweet rendition of Moon River by the Honey Trees.

5. what is your favorite yummy indulgence? currently it's either a soy mocha coconut frappuccino from starbucks or any fruit flavored frozen yogurt from our local yogurtland (with coconut & lots of fresh fruit on top)

If you would like to participate you can copy & paste into the comments & fill in your own answers or if you decide to do your own blog post leave your link & I'll check it out! Looking forward to reading your answers!

happy thursday-almost-friday!! hugs & cheek pecks! 
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Happy June!!
I seriously can't believe it is June already...May flew by faster than April did. I love looking back on the posts I make each month to see what goals I was able to accomplish & give myself a little pat on the back even if I just managed to accomplish one or two of them. 

I am proud of myself for conquering my little blog makeover this past month & I look forward to working on these recent new goals. I'm still knitting away on some new additions for the shop & finally have all the components to my package re-design (photos coming later this week). 

In the meantime head over to Pleasantly Plump [Knits.] facebook fanpage & become a fan...I may or may not have posted a coupon code that will be active for the next 5 days for a little discount on any orders placed.

don't forget to say "rabbit rabbit white rabbit" today for luck! 
hugs & cheek pecks.
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