Friday, May 13, 2011

package re-design & friday fun!

I would like to be able to say that I haven't posted in awhile because of blogger being down, but truth be told I'm just lazy (at least when it comes to blog posts).

I have, however, been working diligently on some new Pleasantly Plump [Knits.] packaging this week. (you can view the old packaging here).

Product packaging has always been a big deal to me, similar to my feelings on gift wrap, presentation is EVERYTHING! I love brainstorming ideas of packaging (even for products that aren't mine) & have been known to buy something just for the amazing packaging design alone. I also feel it's important to do all of my packaging in house - mainly just because it's a process that I really enjoy!!!

& although I loved my original design, it was time for a change. It has always bothered me that it isn't as eco-friendly as it could/should be. So I set out to change new design is very simple, completely earth friendly while still incorporating aspects/themes of what I loved about the original design. I am pretty excited about it.

& after talking it up so much I am going to make you wait until I have a finalized, finished product before I share photos, because I'm mean like that. I am waiting on some important components - like custom made stamps! (eeeee! I get seriously excited about custom stamps!!)

In the meantime here are some fun, inspiring books to get you excited about packaging too! 

Happy Friday loves!! It has been a great day so far! 
I may or may not be hopped up on caffeine from an earlier Friday treat & we may or may not be going to the movies tonight to see Bridesmaids - all my favorite comedian ladies in one place - eee! So excited!

 mocha coconut frappuccino (I shall call it a mochanut) 
I got a grande..yikes! bouncing off the walls!!

wishing you all a lovely lovely weekend! ♥

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