Monday, May 23, 2011

new week - new goals

Aside from goofing off today....I plan on maybe getting some work done. This "work" I speak of includes making a list of some new goals for myself.

1. get some work done... (just kidding)

actively take better "real" photos - I added an "about" me page & in the interim of actually writing a bio, I went through & linked up some of my favorite blog posts to date. I was ashamed at how much I rely on my camera phone for blog content (disregard the camera phone photo in this post), bad girl. So in hopes to entice myself to take my good camera around with me, I sold my telephoto lens last week & traded it out for a new spiffy 50 mm lens. New camera gear makes me giddy. I'm looking forward to playing with it & taking better "real" photos!

for the love of film - right along side of taking better digital photos, I also want to start taking more with my film cameras. I will be adding a new feature to the blog - for the love of film - where I will be posting some of my favorite film cameras & some of my traditional photographs.

vloggin - *intimidating* I would love to try & vlog (video blog) at least once in the coming month. Why does it seem so scary to video tape yourself talking & broadcast it for all to see?! I'm not sure, but I guess that makes it good 'goal' material - forces you to step out of your comfort zone.  We shall see if I am brave enough...

what I wore - I really want to try to add a few outfit posts here & there. This will also incorporate the better photos goal.

I suppose that's enough for now. Thank you for all the sweet blog re-design comments! I have been thoroughly enjoying the new layout - especially the fact that I can have BIGGER photos now!
Happy Monday!!! ♥ Pin It


  1. Love your new layout!It's so happy and cheery!

    I would love to see a vlog! I really enjoy when bloggers make videos. It's interesting to see them moving instead of just staring at pictures! You should do a "Shopping with Meghan" video!

  2. oh liking your new layout - super cute! can't wait for you new up and coming posts - good luck with the vlogging! I know I'm not brave enough.


  3. nice goals. and lovely new layout. good luck!

  4. i was blog hopping and came across your blog! I have similar goals...i started taking pics with my dslr and did a little took my post from drab to fab lol. I totally understand about the whole vlog....i still can not get the courage to do that and the what i wore..i LOVE seeing what other people wear!! you have a new follower ;)

  5. I like your new look! Good luck on your goal list, it seems it is never ending, having your own biz... :)
    Hope you find some relaxing time too over the weekend,
    p.s. stop by, I have a great relaxing giveaway going on until tomorrow!

  6. Oh my goodness, you two are so cute!


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