Friday, May 6, 2011

the fence that love built...

Maybe you know what it's like to have dogs without a fenced in backyard...if so, you probably know that one or both of them will always-without-fail start doing the tee-tee dance at the most inconvenient times.  Like right when you sit down to eat dinner, or right when you sit down on the couch to relax after a long day, or even RIGHT AFTER you already took them out & they wanted to sight see & eat grass instead of what they should be doing.

You also probably know that if you got said dog as a puppy that sometimes they make little mistakes in the house during potty training because you just didn't take them out in time.  This event usually occurs after they whine & pace & you say "just one second...just hold on one more second" (because leashing them up & taking them out right at that moment seems like suuuuchhhh a hassle) & then BAM just like that they go right in front of you. Mine always make eye contact with me as they do their little deed as if to say "I told you I needed to go, next time perhaps you should listen."

& maybe it's just my two little mischievous puglets but sometimes they see putting on their harnesses as a fun (evil) game. I have no doubt as they tuck their sweet little curly tails & proceed to run circles around the kitchen table & around the ottoman & around the chairs in the living room that they are having such a great giggle at my expense- & who wouldn't laugh at a grown woman bent over with harness in hand chasing & tripping after her dogs. 

We won't even go into the subject of inclement weather, like when we got 5 inches of freezing snow or when a monsoon hits & it's pouring outside & my dogs turn from sweet to diva as soon as their little paws touch something wet or cold. That's right, we won't go into this subject because it always ends in you having to hold the umbrella over them & you getting more drenched - or frozen - than they do because it's the only way...

So if you know all of this then you will know the little slice of heaven that comes in the form of a fenced in backyard. Especially one that you decide to install & build yourself (or in my case my sweet husband builds). This type of labor of love seems so big that a 'thank you' would never suffice, nope a simple 'thank you' couldn't possibly encompass all that you & those rascally pups will gain from such a huge gift.

The Perry house now has a fully functional fenced in backyard!! It is no doubt the fence that love built & oh the happiness & peace it has brought & will continue to bring this little family.

Oh how sweet freedom in the form of leash-less, ears flapping in the wind, content pups tastes! & to my Husband-Extraordinaire - you are a prince among men, I am truly lucky to have you as my partner in life!! There are no words to let you know how appreciative the puglets & I am for all your hard work!

Hope everyone has a most fantastic Friday & a beautiful Mother's Day! Hug your mommies tight! ♥ Pin It

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  1. Hooray for fences! Yours turned out great. :)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend too, my friend.


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