Friday, April 8, 2011

today I am...

happier than a bird with a french fry!

For a few reasons - one, its Friday!!! & two, tomorrow is my birthday!! I am turning 28 -YAY! Plus the birthday luck has already started...while out running errands today, I just happened to stumble upon the EXACT pair of Minnetonka moccasins I have been wanting & got them for an incredibly low price! You gotta love a deal. I was so excited! Happy early birthday to me ;) Can't wait to celebrate! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! ♥

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  1. OH MY...that's a beautiful camera!! Happy Birthday!

  2. Hooray for bargains and hooray for birthdays! Hope you had the most awesome of days, lots of love xxxx

  3. Happy belated birthday!! I have those exact same moccasins, they look adorable on you!

  4. Happy Birthday for the other day! hope you got totally spoilt


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