Monday, April 18, 2011

my favorite birthday prizes

Here are some of my super fun birthday prizes I received this year!! 
I am one spoiled (but oh-so-thankful) lady!! 

1 & 2 - prints by RetroWhale - so so in love (thank you momma)
3 - Q&A 5 year journal - it asks a question every day & has a place to answer for 5 years so you can compare - I can't wait to start! 
4 - Wreck this Journal - I'm so excited to start & document this little project too!
5 - new sunglasses - UO
6 - the sweetest VW printed pillow - by helena carrington
[the belt in the first photo is from Anthro]

I feel so thankful to have such amazing, loving friends & family!! I couldn't be a luckier girl! I also can't believe I'm 28....seriously, I swear I just turned have these years gone by so fast?!?! Here's to another amazingly fantastic year, they honestly just keep getting better & better! hugs & cheek pecks! ♥

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  1. What wonderful presents!! Everything is so neat! Especially that journal for now and five years. So cute.

    I can't believe how fast time is passing for me either! I sorta want it to just slow down! but life is sweet. :]

  2. awww these presents are miiint :) I really want that journal!! happy belated birthday xx

  3. What great presents! Make sure to join the Wreck this Journal Party flickr group. I love looking through those photos. Happy Birthday!

  4. What a haul! Fab gifts galore! I'm 27 in a couple of can this be? I'm sure I only just turned 17! Have a lovely Easter xx


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