Friday, April 1, 2011


Did you know that April happens to be my favorite of favorite months?!?! So many fun things to look forward to in April...
- my birthday!!! Yippee!! in about a week I will be celebrating turning 28 - eeek!
- that handsome mister you see above & I will be celebrating our 3rd year of marriage together! ♥
- I have been brainstorming ways to grow & develop my little business & look forward to following through with some of these changes this month
- spring always starts sprouting in April, I plan to take advantage with lots of puppy walks & family picnics
- this is yet another month to try & accomplish some of my 20 in 2011 list, I'm thinking #2 visit to a roller rink or #4 take a ride on a tandem bike sound perfectly appropriate for April
- I have lots of new blog changes planned, new post ideas & maybe even a new layout - fingers crossed April doesn't zip by like March did! 

What fun things are you planning for April? 
The sun keeps peeking out, I'm off to enjoy this first April weekend!
don't forget to say "rabbit rabbit white rabbit" today for luck!
 hugs & cheek pecks.

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  1. Happy Birthday Month Meagan! :) I love April too. And be prepared! I think this month does plan on zipping by!!!

  2. hey, what camera did you take the last pics on? very cute, happy april!


  3. Thanks!! I cheated & used the photo apps, Diptic & Instagram, on my iphone! :)


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