Tuesday, April 26, 2011

to my love

Happy Anniversary to my love -
three years married & you continually surprise me with your patience, kindness & over flowing love. You are my sunshine & my heart & I love you endlessly! Looking forward to spending forever with you...
♥ ♥ ♥

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Monday, April 18, 2011

my favorite birthday prizes

Here are some of my super fun birthday prizes I received this year!! 
I am one spoiled (but oh-so-thankful) lady!! 

1 & 2 - prints by RetroWhale - so so in love (thank you momma)
3 - Q&A 5 year journal - it asks a question every day & has a place to answer for 5 years so you can compare - I can't wait to start! 
4 - Wreck this Journal - I'm so excited to start & document this little project too!
5 - new sunglasses - UO
6 - the sweetest VW printed pillow - by helena carrington
[the belt in the first photo is from Anthro]

I feel so thankful to have such amazing, loving friends & family!! I couldn't be a luckier girl! I also can't believe I'm 28....seriously, I swear I just turned 21...how have these years gone by so fast?!?! Here's to another amazingly fantastic year, they honestly just keep getting better & better! hugs & cheek pecks! ♥

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perfect make-up birthday weekend!

We had such a fantastic weekend - filled with yummy dinner dates with friends, fun lunch shopping trips & plenty of snuggles - it was the perfect make-up birthday weekend! 

Friday we went to a hibachi style restaurant - so so yummy!

Saturday we went on a little lunch date & did some shopping.

I kinda wish I could do it all over again! Pretty sure I could eat Panera everyday, especially with that handsome husband of mine (he's so cute!! I wanna shrink him down & put him in my pocket)!

Weekends go by so fast...Happy Monday! ♥ Pin It

Thursday, April 14, 2011

what day is it?!

I can't believe that it is already Thursday! This week has flown by! Last Saturday was my birthday but my sweet Creed came down with the flu on Friday afternoon. sadness. :( 

So we cancelled all our celebration plans (I couldn't imagine celebrating my birthday without him) & I spent the weekend nursing him back to health. He's feeling much better now so we are having a make-up celebration this weekend & I can't wait! It's almost like I get two birthday weekends! 

We started a little early by going on an impromptu froyo date today...he really is the cutest thing ever! I'm so glad he is on the mend.

I got some really fun prizes on my special day & will share those in a post later, but in the meantime here are some photos of my two favorite pug ladies...I'm not sure I could get through the day without their hugs! (razzy star is on the left & sweet olive is on the right...they're almost the same size!) Happy Thursday-almost-Friday! ♥

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Friday, April 8, 2011

today I am...

happier than a bird with a french fry!

For a few reasons - one, its Friday!!! & two, tomorrow is my birthday!! I am turning 28 -YAY! Plus the birthday luck has already started...while out running errands today, I just happened to stumble upon the EXACT pair of Minnetonka moccasins I have been wanting & got them for an incredibly low price! You gotta love a deal. I was so excited! Happy early birthday to me ;) Can't wait to celebrate! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! ♥

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

slightly obsessed...

[slightly obsessed with all things polaroid] 

My love for polaroid cameras started early on in my life, it was the first working camera that was mine & mine alone. I proclaimed at around age 10 that I wanted a real camera, so my dad, being a cautious consumer, decided to buy me my first Polaroid camera (thanks dad! ♥).  I think his decision was half based on knowing my young attention span wouldn't last long enough to wait for film to be developed & maybe half thinking it was just a passing phase & polaroids were relatively inexpensive - that is until you take into account all the film (& oh boy! did my 10 year old self blow through some film). I remember taking it to the zoo on multiple occasions & pretending to be a nature photographer, my brother even taught me how to position the lens in between the fences so I didn't get the cage in the shot - ha! Long story short - an obsession was born...I have a nice little collection of working polaroid cameras & camera backs but am always looking to expand! I've always been a fan of the Polaroid Land Camera - the one with rainbow racing stripes, it's actually one I don't have in my collection (yet)! Here are some fun polaroid items to get you obsessed too (if you're not already)...

*these are fun!* instant photo caption kit

& last but not least - impossible project instant film

long live instant film!!! 

I'm off to finish up some orders & maybe to sit outside (in the beautiful weather) to sketch & plan some new designs! Happy Tuesday! hugs & cheek pecks.

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Friday, April 1, 2011


Did you know that April happens to be my favorite of favorite months?!?! So many fun things to look forward to in April...
- my birthday!!! Yippee!! in about a week I will be celebrating turning 28 - eeek!
- that handsome mister you see above & I will be celebrating our 3rd year of marriage together! ♥
- I have been brainstorming ways to grow & develop my little business & look forward to following through with some of these changes this month
- spring always starts sprouting in April, I plan to take advantage with lots of puppy walks & family picnics
- this is yet another month to try & accomplish some of my 20 in 2011 list, I'm thinking #2 visit to a roller rink or #4 take a ride on a tandem bike sound perfectly appropriate for April
- I have lots of new blog changes planned, new post ideas & maybe even a new layout - fingers crossed April doesn't zip by like March did! 

What fun things are you planning for April? 
The sun keeps peeking out, I'm off to enjoy this first April weekend!
don't forget to say "rabbit rabbit white rabbit" today for luck!
 hugs & cheek pecks.

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