Wednesday, March 30, 2011

slightly obsessed...

[slightly obsessed with heather grey]  

I recently noticed that all my favorite t shirts, you know the ones that have been worn so many times they have holes in them, are all heather grey.  It's such a sub-consciously comforting color for me, I tend to be drawn to it while shopping & end up coming home with so much grey without realizing. I can't help it, I'm obsessed. I do try to always offset the blah-ness with other colorful pieces or accessories to make it fun. Here are some basic heather grey loves that I wouldn't mind adding to my ever growing collection...enjoy! 

from left to right

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  1. I literally just said to myself, who wears that much gray? Then I glanced at what I was wearing ... oh, right, that would be me. too.

  2. I normally am drawn to bright colored clothes, but these neutral gray pieces are really lovely. I could get some serious use out of the AA cardigan.

  3. Love the grey t-shirts. They are quite cute!

  4. Love everything. Grey is one of my favs! Now I want to go shopping!! xx

  5. Grey has become a permanent love of mine. It's almost comical, every time anyone asks me for a color choice, I always find a reason for it to be grey!



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