Monday, March 21, 2011

lovely weekend

We had a very low key relaxing weekend, the weather was amazing.  I wore a tank top out in the wide world with no sweater for the first time this year, maybe it's just me but I always feel a little nakey the first time I don a tank top or shorts or a dress with no leggings every year when the weather warms up.

We grabbed a bite of my newest food obsession on Friday - Jimmy Johns or as I like to call it Jimmy Jack Johns (they have an amazing vegetarian sammy).  We then had to stop for some froyo because it happens to be conveniently right across the street from JJ's.

On Saturday I got my bangs trimmed, cleaned the house a bit & watched Creed do some yard work because I'm supportive like that. :)

I love the process of having bangs...I don't mind them when they get long & love the side swept look but also get just as excited about having my bangs back when I get them trimmed.

I finished up the weekend lounging & playing with my little ladies, miss Razzy Star & sweet Olive Jane...there's no doubt they are the best cuddlers.  

I woke up on this beautiful Monday morning feeling very refreshed & excited about starting over & getting tons of stuff done! This is my motto for the week-

"the day you decide to do it is your lucky day" 

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  1. loveee the bangs :) they really suit you!

  2. I can't get over those little pug faces. :)

    I love your bangs! I'm the same way. I let them grow into side bangs until I get them trimmed again. You look fabulous as always.

  3. I wish we had a yummy froyo place! I love your "new do"! We love you guys!
    Kate and Treb

  4. Guess you're on the track to pull off a summer look with your bangs and tank tops.


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