Friday, February 18, 2011

friday day dreaming...

The weather has been pretty awesome these last few days & is supposed to continue into the weekend! It's Friday, hip hip hooray! I have all the windows open in the house & I've just been daydreaming about owning one of these dreamboats & drifting down long winding roads, enjoying the scenery & picnics & whatnots. 

Is it wrong to be longing for summer already?! It doesn't help that I am listening to some old Beach Boys on vinyl.  Oh & that reminds me, I finally got a record player, #8 crossed off my 20 in 2011 list, I'm tearing it up! ;)  Happy Happy Friday! Hope everyone enjoys the weekend! hugs & cheek pecks. 

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  1. Those vans are so cool aren't they! I'm longing for some sunshine too. It looked like spring was springing last weekend and now it's got freezing again. Darn.
    Happy weekend xx

  2. Love the van pics! I would still love to do the garage sale across America with you in that (plus a big trailer).

    Btw, love what you are doing with 20 things to do in 2011. I think I will do that myself - good idea! You're the inspiration! (Chicago...we should roller skate to that one).



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