Wednesday, January 5, 2011

open for business

Hello 2011,  it's a pleasure to meet you!  This year will be fantastic, I just know it! I re-opened my little shop this week after what felt like a long & much needed holiday vacation!  It feels nice to get back into the swing of things.  To help jumpstart the year off right, my little shop is sponsoring one of my favorite, favorite inspirational blogs, Today's Letters, for the month of January!  Please go check out their awesome list of sponsors, there may or may not but probably most definitely be discounts involved!  Cheers! 

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  1. you are back!!!!! i missed you!!!! those little booties are oh-so-cute!

  2. UMMM I am kind of obsessed with these booties! My brother and his wife have a little boy on the way and I want to buy all the mustache ones for the little munchkin!!

  3. Oh yay! Welcome back =) and Happy New Year!

    Oh how I love those little booties so so much! I wanted to buy some for my Goddaughter for Christmas, but oh how that girl is going through such growth spurts! By the time I'd place one order, she'd have outgrown them haha!

    Although I must say...that discount is tempting me to purchase my own little pair and save them for the future! =)

  4. I got my booties and they are the cutest things ever! Thank you so much for making them and getting them to me in time for baby Owen's arrival. He loves them too!

  5. welcome back :) i love your little booties! They are sooo cute!x


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