Monday, January 24, 2011

20 things to do in 2011

[here are a few things I would love to do this year, in no particular order]

1. take a ride in a hot air balloon

2. make a visit to the roller rink & roller skate like it's 1993 

3. have a balloon photo shoot with my love similar to this one (magic)

4. take a ride on a tandem bike 

5. knit &/or sew a quilt

6. get out my little gocco & print my tiny heart out

7. take more traditional film & instax photos

8. finally purchase a record player & continue to build my record collection

9. make a stop motion movie

10. finish my dream studio re-do

11. participate in a dance flash mob & shake it in public like no ones watching

12. re-decorate my master bedroom & bathroom, this print & this print will be my inspiration

13. take a magical road trip to stay in this teepee village

14. bake an apple pie from scratch (I've never done this...crazy right?!)

15. get another tattoo (sorry dad)

16. create a display for all my vintage cameras

17. take a photobooth tour to add to our photobooth photo collection

18. make more time to thrift shop, treasure finding makes my heart sing

19. sew an article of clothing to wear

20. send more snail mail notes & prizes (especially on birthdays) 

wish me luck!  finally feeling ready to take on this new year, I can't believe it's almost February! ♥

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  1. What a lovely list! It's been my life-long dream to ride a hot air balloon! Maybe this will be the year!

  2. um...Wish I could hang out with you while you do all this - sounds so fun! Have a great 2011. :))

  3. love this list! I would love to do #19 too. Need to work on my sewing skills first.

  4. Great list! Hope you have fun withall of those!

  5. H-e-l-l-o...

    I was training to try out for Atlanta Roller Girls about a year and a half ago and will totally go skating with you. I haven't been since I had to quit training and go back to work :(!

  6. i like this list! a lot. :)
    it kinda inspires me to make one of my own now!


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