Sunday, January 30, 2011

sunday words

[because words can... be something to live by]

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Big Razzy

Remember this little roly poly?!

Well she's not so little's only been about two months since I introduced little Razzy & now she's a 10 pound force to be reckoned with, the complete opposite of our little Olive but an absolute joy.  Razzy keeps us on our toes & makes us laugh daily.  She also likes to chew holes in all our blankets, steal all of Olive's toys & then give everyone lots of pug kisses.

& in case you're wondering, getting a 4 month old puppy to stay still during a photoshoot...not so easy

Sweet Olive loves having another pug in the house.  They spend half the day playing tag & the other half snuggling & napping together.  

Happy Weekend! Olive & Razzy send their puggy hugs & kisses! 

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Friday, January 28, 2011

bring on the storm

yarn bombing - graffiti knitting - 
guerilla knitting - yarn storming
I find this form of street art so intriguing & beautiful.  I love that they have coined the term yarn bombing or yarn storming to describe makes me want to pull on a ski mask, some combat boots & hit the streets with my bag of yarn to do some serious knit tagging.  Because what's tougher than making the urban landscape around you beautiful...I can think of nothing.

For more inspiration & information on yarn bombing, check out the blog Yarn Bombing, written by two of the main players in the movement - Mandy Moore & Leanne Prain.  They also put out a book last year, no doubts it is going on my list of must-haves! 
If anyone in the Atlanta area wants to team up & do a little yarn storming let me know! ;) Happy weekend! ♥

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i heart you

I adore Valentine's Day & always have, it is one of my favs!  I loved making valentines to hand out to all my classmates when I was in usually involved getting to make a special valentines mailbox for our desk as well.  I can't think of anything more exciting!

Here is my little list of some fun ways to tell someone you love them this Valentine's day...

worlds smallest post office
what better way to tell someone you love them than through a tiny tiny letter.  even tiny words can have a big impact.  purchase & customize one here

telegram stop
send a telegram [stop] profess your undying love formally [stop] it seems so romantic [stop]
purchase & customize your telegram here

follow this sweet diy on Once Wed & send someone a message in a bottle.  this could become a yearly custom with your loved one, imagine your collection of sweet little bottles & notes when your old & wrinkled. 

tell someone exactly how you feel by making a wrapped yarn love letter sign! follow this fun diy by Family Chic & get your yarn wrapping on. I think this one is my favorite...I want to make a million of these & not just for valentines day. (how fun would a "home sweet home" one be?!) 

make some of these amazing heart string garlands, you could include some of your own printed love notes on the hearts. can you imagine decorating a room with these & lighting lots of candles. magical.
dottie angel never ceases to amaze, her little blog & ideas are what dreams are made of. 

I might have to take some time this afternoon to try my hand at some of these! 
♥ ♥ 

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Monday, January 24, 2011

20 things to do in 2011

[here are a few things I would love to do this year, in no particular order]

1. take a ride in a hot air balloon

2. make a visit to the roller rink & roller skate like it's 1993 

3. have a balloon photo shoot with my love similar to this one (magic)

4. take a ride on a tandem bike 

5. knit &/or sew a quilt

6. get out my little gocco & print my tiny heart out

7. take more traditional film & instax photos

8. finally purchase a record player & continue to build my record collection

9. make a stop motion movie

10. finish my dream studio re-do

11. participate in a dance flash mob & shake it in public like no ones watching

12. re-decorate my master bedroom & bathroom, this print & this print will be my inspiration

13. take a magical road trip to stay in this teepee village

14. bake an apple pie from scratch (I've never done this...crazy right?!)

15. get another tattoo (sorry dad)

16. create a display for all my vintage cameras

17. take a photobooth tour to add to our photobooth photo collection

18. make more time to thrift shop, treasure finding makes my heart sing

19. sew an article of clothing to wear

20. send more snail mail notes & prizes (especially on birthdays) 

wish me luck!  finally feeling ready to take on this new year, I can't believe it's almost February! ♥

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Friday, January 14, 2011

it's friday I'm in love...

Pretty sure I am in love with all of Retro Whale's drawings.  I already own this one...but want a whole wall of these-

love them all!! I'm happy it's Friday, we are going to venture out tonight after being iced in all week to get some dinner (& probably some frozen yogurt if I have my way)!  Looking forward to being a part of society again.  
I need to do a little update on our little Razzle, she's no longer a little 3.3 lb. bundle, she's a 8.6 lb. ball of energy.  I will share some updated photos of her & her bff Olive soon!  Happy weekend! ♥

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Monday, January 10, 2011

a little inspiration for your monday

Atlanta is having an "official" snow day today, our roads are all iced over & un-drivable. One of the many things I love about living in the south; our world shuts down when we get a few inches of snow! 

We have been making good use of being shut-in, drinking lots of hot cocoa, snugglin' with the pups, watching movies, lots of knitting & getting inspired by this handmade portrait...

I handmade one thousand five hundred & eighty two hats & scarves, with my own two hands...that's such a beautiful thing - yokoo

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

open for business

Hello 2011,  it's a pleasure to meet you!  This year will be fantastic, I just know it! I re-opened my little shop this week after what felt like a long & much needed holiday vacation!  It feels nice to get back into the swing of things.  To help jumpstart the year off right, my little shop is sponsoring one of my favorite, favorite inspirational blogs, Today's Letters, for the month of January!  Please go check out their awesome list of sponsors, there may or may not but probably most definitely be discounts involved!  Cheers! 

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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Rabbit Rabbit White Rabbit!! 

(click here to learn more about this fun superstition)  
Happy Happy New Year!! xoxo.

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