Friday, December 3, 2010

This is real

real amazing...

I'm not sure if there are words...
Sometimes I play movies to just have something different for background noise in my studio.  A constant on my movie playlist is UP, it's so magical! I usually can't watch it without crying a little (or a lot)!  It's just so I found this:

The artist Michal Miszta from made this amazing replica of Carl's house from scratch!  I am so in love! I have been wanting a dollhouse for awhile & I suppose I just found the one I want.  I have a sneaking suspicion that making my own version of this sweet house is going on my 2011 "things to accomplish list."  It's a tall order...(it took Michal 7 weeks to make it & he's a pro) but how amazing would the outcome be?!?!?! Magical...simply magical!
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  1. That is beautiful! Up is definitely a favorite of mine. WoW! so talented!

    If you are interested I have a giveaway going on at my blog right now.

    Amylou <3

  2. So amazing. What beautiful colours. I would be so impressed if you created one! Go for it, I say! xx

  3. Why I was re-watching UP while I was crafting just the other day! That little house is incredible!!!

    My all time favorite movie to craft to is Amelie. i know it's too obvious right!? :) but it never fails to inspire me!


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