Thursday, December 9, 2010

super santa's helper gift guide

I usually wait until the last minute every year to buy christmas presents, this year is no different.  So if you are like me & need a little push to get to buying, here is a fun super-santa's-helper-gift-guide to aid you in finding fun prezzies for your friends & family!  You can find the links below the images...

confession: these are all things that I really want for myself....what?!?! I thought that was how you were supposed to buy for others...just get them things you want?!

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  1. I'll take one of each! ;) Great list! I've had my eye on the Diana lens as well.

  2. I love those mugs!!

  3. I adore those little glasses in #1

  4. The you make me happy print is so beautiful!

  5. Haha that's how I make wishlists -- I mean gift guides, too! I love everything here :]


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