Thursday, December 2, 2010

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Every year I have made a resolution to send out Christmas cards.  I spend hours thinking & sketching out ideas for the most amazing card - something unique & fun & full of our personalities & oh I've had some really cute ideas BUT then December comes, the month slips away & I get disappointed that I didn't make time to make my own so I just end up not sending any out.  Lame, I know.  I followed suit this year but instead of just giving up I decided to just buy some...a compromise of sorts because I picked mine out on Etsy (still handmade just not by me).  

I have a weakness for letterpress & oh boy! are there some fun ones to choose from.  Here are some that I fancied while browsing:

Oh & in case you are wondering we settled on these little handsome guys.  My husband actually had an opinion & he said he liked these "because he has always liked bears"...haha! works for me!! 
animal holiday cards by paper parasol

Now for next year, I solemnly vow to (try) to make my own christmas cards! Which reminds me, I have actually been working on my list of "things to accomplish in 2011," the list is growing daily, it may be a busy year!  I will share my mountain of a list soon! Happy Thursday-almost-Friday!!! xo. 
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  1. i love these, especially the first two they are so cute!

  2. Oh I do love stationary. I have spent way too long recently looking at all the awesome cards on Etsy too.
    AND i'm working on my list for 2011 too!! Been inspired by Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess. Mine is getting rather long!
    Have an awesome weekend xx

  3. Ali - I actually was leaning towards the first one, but I wanted the hubby to be happy too! :) It was definitely a hard decision, so many cute ones!

    Nell- Can't wait to read your list!!! I love making them & especially love being able to check something off!

  4. Those are so so beautiful! I like the ones you ended up picking! I too think impressions are the bomb! I wish we could have had them on our wedding invitations...

    You just inspired me to spend some time working on Christmas cards! It is such a lovely thing to do this Christmas! Thanks for being positive and uplifting! : )


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