Monday, December 20, 2010

sweet december birthday boy

Hello Monday!!  We had a fantastic weekend celebrating my sweet husband's birthday, he's now 30-something young & couldn't be cuter!  I've had the pleasure of celebrating the past 9 birthdays with him & I am looking forward to having a whole lifetime of fun birthday memories with each other!  One of the things his friends & I did to properly celebrate was taking Creed to Medieval Times for dinner, oh my, it was so fun!!! The rest of the time we relaxed with our cute pups, watched lots of fun movies & ate delicious food (including yummy cheesecake birthday brownies)!  Here are some photos of the festivities this past week/weekend...

I am feeling so much more relieved now, I got the rest of my Etsy orders shipped out today! Hooray!! & only have a few local orders left!!  It feels so good to get all that work done!  I also got our Christmas cards sent out, yay me! I plan on spending my "vacation" working on some new bootie designs. I can't wait to share! Hoping everyone is enjoying this holiday week, I personally can't wait to wake up on Christmas morning with my family! xo. ♥
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

little christmas home

Here are some little sneak peeks into my christmas home...we have been enjoying it so much!  Christmas lights just make everything feel so warm & cozy, we have even been getting some tiny snow flurries these past few days (which is a rarity in GA before christmas).  I'm looking forward to spending time with our families & enjoying the last little bits of 2010 these next few weeks! 

Hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season!  I am still finishing up orders to ship out in time for Santa to deliver them!  Then I hope to have some free time to finish up my christmas shopping, wrap up all the christmas prizes & enjoy a little down time with my family! ♥ 
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

super santa's helper gift guide

I usually wait until the last minute every year to buy christmas presents, this year is no different.  So if you are like me & need a little push to get to buying, here is a fun super-santa's-helper-gift-guide to aid you in finding fun prezzies for your friends & family!  You can find the links below the images...

confession: these are all things that I really want for myself....what?!?! I thought that was how you were supposed to buy for others...just get them things you want?!

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Friday, December 3, 2010

This is real

real amazing...

I'm not sure if there are words...
Sometimes I play movies to just have something different for background noise in my studio.  A constant on my movie playlist is UP, it's so magical! I usually can't watch it without crying a little (or a lot)!  It's just so I found this:

The artist Michal Miszta from made this amazing replica of Carl's house from scratch!  I am so in love! I have been wanting a dollhouse for awhile & I suppose I just found the one I want.  I have a sneaking suspicion that making my own version of this sweet house is going on my 2011 "things to accomplish list."  It's a tall order...(it took Michal 7 weeks to make it & he's a pro) but how amazing would the outcome be?!?!?! Magical...simply magical!
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

choices choices

Every year I have made a resolution to send out Christmas cards.  I spend hours thinking & sketching out ideas for the most amazing card - something unique & fun & full of our personalities & oh I've had some really cute ideas BUT then December comes, the month slips away & I get disappointed that I didn't make time to make my own so I just end up not sending any out.  Lame, I know.  I followed suit this year but instead of just giving up I decided to just buy some...a compromise of sorts because I picked mine out on Etsy (still handmade just not by me).  

I have a weakness for letterpress & oh boy! are there some fun ones to choose from.  Here are some that I fancied while browsing:

Oh & in case you are wondering we settled on these little handsome guys.  My husband actually had an opinion & he said he liked these "because he has always liked bears"...haha! works for me!! 
animal holiday cards by paper parasol

Now for next year, I solemnly vow to (try) to make my own christmas cards! Which reminds me, I have actually been working on my list of "things to accomplish in 2011," the list is growing daily, it may be a busy year!  I will share my mountain of a list soon! Happy Thursday-almost-Friday!!! xo. 
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Rabbit Rabbit White Rabbit!! 

(click here to learn more about this fun superstition)  
Oh it's here, it's finally here...Happy December 1st!!! YAY!!! 

hello hare by seven olives

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