Wednesday, November 17, 2010


the newest addition to the Perry family
(or baby Razzy as I like to call her) 

Razzy is a 3.3 lb. bundle of - pudgy wrinkled, puggy snorting, pancake paw having, puppy breath breathing, curly tail wiggling - joy! We all are still getting accustomed to each other but she is fitting in nicely with our little family.  

& despite this face that little Olive has, she is completely smitten with the new addition & can't quite get enough of her.  She shares her hugs & toys with her & always checks on her when she's crying.  It's just a whole bunch of cuteness in my house right now!  Happy Wednesday!! Razzy & Olive send their puppy hugs & kisses!

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  1. oh! my! word! what a dollface. she's so teeny tiny. baby razzy! i'm in LOVE!

  2. haha Oh my gosh! I literally shrieked when I saw this! I kind of have a dog obsession...and this made me oh so happy! I can't wait to see more of little Razzy!

  3. ohmygod it's the cutest thing EVER!
    i love pugs <3

  4. ahhhhhhhh!! Omg what a cutie!!!

  5. Okay. It's bad enough you make me want new babies and booties on a daily basis, must you have me wanting to add pets into the mix too? :) ADORABLE! Congrats on the new family member!

  6. do you know how divine that mustard chair is?>!!$%!$ i love it!


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