Monday, November 8, 2010

Instax Mini - mini review

My Instax Mini arrived over the weekend!!! YAY! Of course I am in love with it already, as if I had any doubts.  I read a lot of reviews before purchasing, I wasn't sure if I wanted the bigger version (Instax 210) or the Mini.  

As a polaroid lover & collector I have to disagree some of the complaints I read:
1. Most people complained about the size of the camera & how it was bigger than they expected, etc.  Compared to all the other instant cameras & instant camera backs I own, I find this one to be a really good size, I feel comfortable carrying it around in my purse & I definitely will. (I do tend to carry large purses...)
& 2. Some reviews mentioned a dislike for the flash always going off.  I've always loved the varying results of instant film, the sometimes washed out subjects or the complete opposite - really bright, saturated color. I haven't had the chance to really use it outside, but so far the flash hasn't bothered me. 
Overall I *love* the mini, the finished photo is about the size of a credit card! It is a super fun replacement for my beloved polaroid camera film for the time being!!! 

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend, most of mine was spent working.  I love how busy I am this time of year - means Christmas is right around the corner!! Happy Monday!!

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  1. Yey! I'm so glad you love it. I love mine so much there are little pictures of our friends and family all over the place! Isn't it the coolest looking thing too. Brilliant! xx

  2. Literally I was just thinking today how I wanted one of these ditties.

  3. I love mine!

    And since you now own one, want to participate in my project? :) :) haha!

  4. I'm glad you finally got one and I agree with you. I LOVE mine and the kids think it is the coolest thing ever...they ask me to take pictures of them doing any silly little thing now because they want to watch the picture develop :)


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