Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wreath Inspiration

Hello world!! I am just coming up for a little air...I have been in lock down mode since Thanksgiving.  I am working hard to get all of my orders done in time for Santa to deliver them!

I have been trying to take little breaks here & there to decorate, I love how my little Christmas home is coming together this year!  I can't wait to share photos when it's complete!  One thing on the Christmas to-do list is make a wreath for the front door.  Being the knitting & yarn lover that I am, I can't help but be drawn to these yarn ball wreaths, I have been seeing them everywhere & have been itching to make one!  Here are some pretty inspirations & links on how to make one for yourself - enjoy!

as seen here

& finally this little beauty by the amazing Dottie Angel

I am working on a super-mega-amazing Santa's helper gift guide that I will be posting later this week & I've also been putting together a fun little wrapping paper tutorial - the wrapping is always my favorite part of gift giving!!! Can't wait! Time for some more knitting & hot cocoa drinking!  ♥ 
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am thankful for so many things this year - family, love, life, friends, dreams, dream job...I hope everyone has spent an amazing day with their families!! My little family sends our love to you & yours! ♥ 
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Friday, November 19, 2010

friday favorites

[a few of my favorite things - Christmas movie edition]

It is a tradition in our household to watch as many Christmas movies as possible starting on Thanksgiving! (sometimes I sneak some during the rest of the year too...) This is my absolute favorite time of year, so I try to enjoy every single second!!!! Here is a short-list of some of my all time favorite, must-watch Christmas movies!! (click on the images for more info about the movies) 


Can NOT wait to start watching these!! What are your favorite Christmas movies?! Hope everyone has a marvelous weekend!!!

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Winter Bedding

I still have my very summery bedding on our bed & have been day dreaming all day about changing it.  If money was no object...I would *love* one of these options! (of course they are all from Anthropologie)

Anthro - Rosette Quilt

Anthro sheet sets

Happy Thursday-almost-Friday!  Today I have enjoyed puppy snuggles, lots of hot tea, an 80's dance party in my studio & I'm predicting that some over-sized burritos will be on the menu for dinner! hugs&cheekpecks
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


the newest addition to the Perry family
(or baby Razzy as I like to call her) 

Razzy is a 3.3 lb. bundle of - pudgy wrinkled, puggy snorting, pancake paw having, puppy breath breathing, curly tail wiggling - joy! We all are still getting accustomed to each other but she is fitting in nicely with our little family.  

& despite this face that little Olive has, she is completely smitten with the new addition & can't quite get enough of her.  She shares her hugs & toys with her & always checks on her when she's crying.  It's just a whole bunch of cuteness in my house right now!  Happy Wednesday!! Razzy & Olive send their puppy hugs & kisses!

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How we made it to Wednesday already I'm just not sure!! We attended a little birthday bash for a friend this past weekend...here are some pre-party instax mini's. 

& in other SUPER exciting news (& the main reason I haven't had much time to blog) we made a tiny addition to our family over the weekend! If you follow me on twitter you may already have seen a sneak peek of our new little 3 lb. bundle.  If not here's a little hint as to what it is...

Okay so it's more than a hint...I gave it away! BUT I will be doing a more formal introduction for this new little lady later.  Whew...I had forgotten how exhausting (but totally worth it) puppies can be! 

& if you would please check out miss Danielle's blog:
for a chance to win some really amazing things, including a pair of my Pleasantly Plump booties! (click on the banner to enter) Be sure to get your entry in soon, she will be choosing the winner on Monday November, 22.  Good luck!

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Friday, November 12, 2010

hey weekend!

It has been a lock-myself-in-my-studio kinda week! Lucky for me, I have two cuties that keep me company.  Here's a little peek at our week... 

We have an exciting weekend planned!! So glad it's friday!!  
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

feather fever

So I'm a little bit in love with all things feather lately.  Here are some feather-y things that make me all giddy...

feather tights - freepeople

feather tattoo - found via weheartit

This little feather obsession could have to do with a tiny feather-y project I am working on, just a little something for the house to help blend my thanksgiving & christmas decorations.  Hopefully it will turn out how I envision it & I will share! But now it's time to relax with my little family...have a good evening!

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Instax Mini - mini review

My Instax Mini arrived over the weekend!!! YAY! Of course I am in love with it already, as if I had any doubts.  I read a lot of reviews before purchasing, I wasn't sure if I wanted the bigger version (Instax 210) or the Mini.  

As a polaroid lover & collector I have to disagree some of the complaints I read:
1. Most people complained about the size of the camera & how it was bigger than they expected, etc.  Compared to all the other instant cameras & instant camera backs I own, I find this one to be a really good size, I feel comfortable carrying it around in my purse & I definitely will. (I do tend to carry large purses...)
& 2. Some reviews mentioned a dislike for the flash always going off.  I've always loved the varying results of instant film, the sometimes washed out subjects or the complete opposite - really bright, saturated color. I haven't had the chance to really use it outside, but so far the flash hasn't bothered me. 
Overall I *love* the mini, the finished photo is about the size of a credit card! It is a super fun replacement for my beloved polaroid camera film for the time being!!! 

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend, most of mine was spent working.  I love how busy I am this time of year - means Christmas is right around the corner!! Happy Monday!!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

friday favorites

[a few of my favorite things - music edition]

I have still been on the hunt for the perfect record player so of course I have been making a list of the first albums I will want to acquire on vinyl!  Here is 5 of my all time fav's that I would love to find (it was hard to choose only 5, the list is LONG). These are musicians I could listen to over & over & couldn't live without (in no particular order)...

1.  Otis Redding - I can never tire of this man's magical voice!!  

2. Simon & Garfunkel - I grew up listening to their records.  My mom was a fan & even sang "Homeward Bound" at a talent show while in high school, I would give anything to be able to see her performance! 

3. John Denver - Another artist I grew up listening too.  Creed & I had our guitar player at our wedding play "Annie's Song" as we walked back down the aisle after exchanging our vows. *love* 

4. Rilo Kiley - I would take any of Jenny Lewis' work on vinyl! Her music has been with me through so many different stages of my life.

5. & lastly, Elvis - How could you not love Elvis...one of my all time favorite songs is "Pocketful of Rainbows" (now you know the secret of the inspiration for my blog's name) 

I am interested in finding out what other people's all-time favorite records are?!  Happy Happy Friday!!!

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