Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pugfest 2010

Can I just say that today was amazing!! We attended Pugfest, which is a little halloween puggy get together to help raise money for SEPRA-southeastern pug rescue!  This was Olive's second year attending & we had a BLAST!!! There were hundreds of little pugs everywhere, most in costume!  I can't speak for Olive but I was in heaven (pretty sure she was too)!!  If you think you can handle the cuteness - here are some photos of our day!!! 

& this was sweet Olive on the ride home...all tuckered out. adorable.

Happy Halloweenie!! Olive sends her puggy wiggles & kisses!! 

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  1. OMG! olive is so adorable!! your photos look familiar to ours when we go to pug meetups hehe~! cute <3

  2. Hi. Found your blog via twitter. I think we saw you outside taking some pics (from a distance). Great photos and Pugfest was a blast.

  3. absolutely loving the pug posse:)


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